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    Well I was heading for my deer stand the first night of archery here in Vermont. I just started up a pasture and I saw a big black ball on the horizon that looked out of place. It finally started moving and could tell it was a bear. He was eating under a apple tree in the pasture. I started sneaking up on him and he stud up and was eating apples out of the tree. My heart was about popping out of my chest. When I got up to him at about 40 yards he had climbed the tree and was still eating facing me. I had a couple of minutes to come down and get settled in for a shot. He headed down the tree and when he hit the ground he headed right for the woods. I drew back and then grunted to get him to stop. He did and I set my 50 yard pin right on his should and let her fly. Let her fly right the frick over his back that is. You don't get a opportunity like that here in Vermont only once every 20 years or so. I was very depressed and didn't even feel like hunting for rest of the evening after that. Its hard to judge bears but he was around 250 to 300lbs which is a very big bear for around here. Its also hard to judge distances in open areas. I lost my range finder at the end of last year and it cost me not having it on hand.
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    Sorry to hear about that, but that is very far to be shooting at a bear. I would limit my shots at bears to about 30 yards.