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    hey guys i finally went out and bought a "block" today. EXTREMELY disapointed. they say your can shoot broadheads into them, which you can, but by the 50'th arrow i was having my 29" arrows stickin ten inches out of the back. my broad heads would cut the layers on the way in and now im afraid im gonna get an actuall passthrough. lucky for my my sonic broadheads fly identical to my field tips. obviously thats all im shootin at it now.
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    Should have asked us first, we could have saved ya a lotta money! Buy Morell only! You will get pass throughs. yGo buy some ratchet straps and crank the thing down, it'll buy you a few more hundred shots.

    My target suggestions:

    1. Buy a Morrell Outdoor bag target
    2. Buy a cheap foam target from walmart for broadheads every year, it'll cost ya 20 bux a year and then throw it away when your done


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Morrell bag target were the way to go for ever but there is a new dog in this fight, the Magic Stop bag target is awsome, we have them at at the shop for paper tuning and when a Morrell would last about six months when paper tuning, this target is going on 18 months, sells for $50, better deal in the long run.....that being said I have a Morrell bag target personally that is 5 years old and I have replaced the cover one time....and my buddies are always shooting at my house and using that target.... The nice thing about the block style targets is they are frr standing and can be placed just about anywere, to practice, ie in your hunting spots.......
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    I'm with Bowman, the magic stop bags are the way to go. We have one at our club in the basement for 30 yrd indoor shots, replave it about once a year and thats with having 2 indoor 3d leagues a year. warm up on the 20 yrd. butts upstairs pop a few at 30 and a way you go. I guy I work with has one at his range at his house and he has left it out year round for......maybe 2 years. still works fine.
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    If you want a good broadhead target, get the rinehart 18-1. We put them in the range the last couple of years for guys to shoot broadheads into them. They normally end up destroyed by the time season is over but that is with TONS of guys shooting it. Stops broadheads great and the pull easily.