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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by JWill226, Aug 13, 2008.

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    I am 30 years old and have only shot a bow 2 times. It was to pass a hunters safety course. I passed just because the arrow went in front of me. I was a terrible shot but I had to try to pass. (That was 12 years ago).

    Today I was given a used bow and I have no idea where to start. I went to Walmart and picked up a couple arrows and some target tips to play with But I have no idea where to begin.

    I have always thought about trying a bow now I have one and want to learn about it, but have no idea where to start. Everything I read is for more experienced shooters. here dose someone like me start?

    The bow I was given is a Polaris 'Game Sport Series'. It has a 26lb draw length with a 35/50 pull weight. I am 6' tall and the draw feels ok but how do i know its right?

    I should probably be asking more questions but I have no idea where to start. Please someone point me in the right direction.
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    I assume you mean a 26" draw length. For a 6' individual that likely is quite short and will cause you a problem. I seem to remember the Polaris name and that is about it. Don't know if/how draw length adjustment is made. Could have different holes in the cam or I suppose it could have used modules but good luck finding one if that is the case. Post up a pic of the cams in particular and we'll see if we can figure that out. I definitely recommend you get to a pro shop and have your draw length measured. I would do this first before worring about anything else. As for arrows it is important to have the weight and spine correct for the draw weight and draw length of the bow you are shooting. The 35/50 means the weight can be adjusted with the limb bolts anywhere between those two points. You never know but I suspect you're going to have trouble making this bow work for you; if I were to take a wild guess I'd put your draw length around 29". Oh :welcome: and good luck.
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    First off :wave: hello and :welcome: to the forum.

    I am assuming you have a PSE Polaris (I had one years ago). I am 6' and have a 29" DL not saying that your's isn't shorter but it does seem short for someone of your height.

    First off I would head to my local Pro Shot and have them check my Draw length and set the bow to it. Then have them ensure that your center shot for your rest is set. Have the shop set you up with either a peep site or kisser button to help you achieve a consistant anchor point.

    Then head to the target bale. I would start at about 10 yards work on your form and send some arrows down range until you start grouping them and have it sighted in. In a couple of weeks that 55 pounds will feel like nothing and you will start getting the itch to upgrade. After that it's all over, YOU'RE HOOKED just sign your paychecks over to the bow shop... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
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    hello, have fun and we will try to help
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    Profile Information

    A good start would be to fill out your profile and maybe there will be a member in your area that could assist you.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    26" draw length and 6 FT tall, dont sound right, that bow should have draw length adjustment inthe form of slots or tracks in each cam......

    how about posting some pics of yourself at fulldraw from the side.....

    what release are you shooting??

    a list of the equipment you have will help us to better understand your entire situation....

    also I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMEND NOT SHOOTING THAT BOW AND ARROW COMBO untill some of the guys here or a PRO SHOP has looked at the setup, to make sure they are safe to use....

    the worst thing you could do is shoot unmatched equipment and destroy the bow or injure your self!!!
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    WOW. Thanks for all the great responses.

    I will get to a Pro shop when I can but I'm in Crescent City CA the nearest on is 2 hours away in Medford OR from what I'm told.

    One thing that was brought up a couple times was the draw length. I have yet to fire the bow as I just got it last night. But, I have pulled it back a few times and the string comes back to my cheek; about 2 1/2" behind my chin. From the pics I have seen on this site of people commenting on other peoples stance it seems to be pulling back to the right spot. Is it possible that someone has already changed it and not changed the writing on the bow?

    I did ask around the Walmart for someone who knows about bows when I picked up the arrows and bought what they suggested. I know this isn't as good as a pro shop but they talked like they new what they where talking about:rolleyes:

    Someone else asked to post all of the equipment I have. I did. Like I said I'm the newest new guy.

    Thanks again for all the great responces.
  9. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    ha jay

    True very true
    jc and bunny man are right.
    i wouldnt shoot it un-matched and we allready know it is..ya have to match the arrows, if there to light they could blow up on ya..we dont want ya to get hurt..
    The pse polaris you have is probably 26-29 inch draw.
    they made them in 3 inch sets...26-29...29-31 and 45-60lb or 55-70
    the one you have is probably old but i wouldnt know they still made them like 4 years ago.
    but get to a pro-shop..go on-line just like you got here.
    search your area for an archery shop or even call gun shops
    theres a gun shop in my area that sells bows and the owners son i hunt with him and he sets up bows and helps ppl
    you dont know where you may find someone to show you what to do.

    you do need to fill out your profile..if i knew ya lived around here you could bring ya bow over and we'll get-r-done:lol:
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    Do you have any pictures of yourself at full draw or can you get some. This always seems to help.

    I just moved from Red Bluff, CA last year. How far is Redding from you?

    OH, there is always a big 3d shoot in Eureka (or is it Yreka?). Maybe there is something there or a club member that can help you out :noidea:
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    I will see about setting up my camera when I get a chance.

    Redding is about 6 hours away
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    Welcome aboard! Good luck getting things set up. I have to agree with whats been said so far. Find a pro shop and see if they can help.
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    Just wanted to say :welcome:

    Make sure to have fun, and ask lots of questions. I was like you about 12 months ago when I first joined this site, and I have learned 1,000's times more than I ever thought I would about form, equipment, and anything else needed. Also made some great friends in the process. Most everyone on this site is very friendly and always willing to pass on some of their knowledge to help you.

    Enjoy yourself, and :welcome: again!