This has not been my weekend

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by QSA, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. QSA

    QSA One eyed/Gutless wonder

    lol Now to top it all off, I am back on the laptop. C Drive crashed for the last time. Going to pick away wth this laptop for a littlewhile. But I am going to build a new puter.
    2.6 800FSB hiper threading. (Prosessor for mine now)
    New mother board
    new 200 gig harddrive
    ain Drive)
    2- 50 gig storeage drives
    2GIG ram
    256 onboard video card In (in mine now)
    same top of the line 7.1 sound card (in mine now)
    1- 500 gig raid drive
    DVD burner
    CD burner
    DVD drive.

    So you think it will work.
    Just venting one more time
  2. Dredly

    Dredly Site Guru

    ummm why? What do you do with your machine that makes it worth upgrading? replace the harddrive for 50 and you are set :)

  3. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    Sounds great but I have one question........what is a raid drive???:noidea:
  4. QSA

    QSA One eyed/Gutless wonder

    Dredly it is not what I can do with it. It is what can't I do with it.
    video editing, make DVD's, go from raw video to finished DVD. Audio I am a big music nut. You would flip out if you see some of the software I have for working on my computer. The audio on my machine sounds beter them most home theater systems.

    BowhuntnHoosier a raid drive (I have the wrong size HD listed) I is a card that you hook a harddrive to and it makes a mirror image of your Cdrive while you work in it. It is a server thing so if your main harddrive crashes you have a backup copy and all you have to do is swap drives and you are going once more.

    I also plan on setting it up to back itself up on externle harddrive every night before shutting it down. Last crash I lost all family photos from the last 4 years.

    I think I just wore the harddrives out on mine. It is 6 years old. It was time to change all 5 harddrives any way. So I think 1 and a half terabits of HD space is big enought. That is 1500 gig A lot of wed servers do not have that much space.

    Here is a funning thing to give you an idea of all this stuff. If you lived 1/8 miles around my house you can conect to the net from my house. Nabeorhood hot spot. lol If put up a antana I could reach about a mile. The FCC made Linkes take the booster off the market because of the range if tweek just right.

    Any way I will be on the laptop for a few weeks.