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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by atapro, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. atapro

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    I'm having trouble getting the cams in sync when the bow is being drawed back. Do i twist both buss cables at the top and bottom cams? How much twisting? the bow paper tunes with an arrow kick high, i keep lowering the nocking point and it doesnt help at all. The arrows 2315 meet easton specs for 65 pound bow. any suggestions on getting the bow tuned?
  2. Frank

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    With my Darton Lightning I was having the same problem paper tuning, after getting fustrated trying what I thought was everything(forgetting about cam timing). I took to a local pro shop and they set my cams for me and low and behold great arrow hole.

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    Whichever cam is rolling over first you need to twist that cable up a little or untwist the other cable, whichever you prefer to maintain proper drawlength. Of course you need some sort of bow press to do this. It's trial and error till you feel both cams hitting the stops at the same time when you draw the bow. Sometimes a little tedious but well worth the knowledge you'll gain. And the bow should shoot better, too.