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  1. CA Rcher12

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    Are there any tools that would be good to keep in my fanny pack when at the range(bow square, centershot tool, etc.)? Right now I have: 1 wrench set, 1 portable bow press, and wax, if that counts as a tool.
  2. Red Flame

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    I like to keep allens,small crescent wrench(if you have a scope),razor blade knife,D loop mat,serving thread,lighter,smalltape measure.With your portable press you should be ready to do your own setups or quick repairs.I try to keep some ref. marks on my bow and have some meas. wrote down(like center of arrow to riser and peep height.)If you want to get real crit. you can carry a bow square also and put tiller and knock height marks on it for quick ref.

  3. bfisher

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    Ah yes, the ole portable bow shop. I carry a tackle box full of stuff when I go to the club to practice. Spare peeps, nock sets, cam modules, you name it. One thing that can be indispensible is a roll of dental floss. Comes in handy for tying in peeps or torn serving, etc. And a small butane lighter for melting the ends. Bow square for sure. Extra nocks, as I have a habit of smacking them.
  4. Archeryaddict

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    Absolutley Bfisher I carry a portable bow shop with me :D

    some good things to carry in youre fanny pack is a portable bow press an extra string and harness that has already been put on the bow, settled in, peep aligned and tied in just in case. A pair of leather man pliers, Extra loop material and serving thread and of course a set of allen wrenches ;)

    make sure to take along plenty of water and jerky :cool:

    OH dont forget youre arrows and release :D