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    I'm getting a new Hoyt in 2005 and I'm kinda torn between colors. I've got a 2004 Ultratec (camo), 60-70 lb limbs, that I use for my hunting set-up, but kinda wanted something different for my 3-D & backyard shooting set-up. When not going to a 3-D shoot, I'm in my backyard shooting. I was thinking maybe a 2005 Ultratec in a target color with 50-60 lb limbs. The only problem I have with the camo, is it has a couple of little places in it, that look like it didn't get the finish on there real good. Like it just recieved the base coat. I know the target colors take longer, but all the ones I've seen pictures of didn't appear to have any blemishes in the finish. I'm glad I have awhile to make up my mind. :D
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    Color or camo.
    This simply is your personal choice. I have had both and found that although the color bows look good, they are alittle harder to resell. It seems a lot more people like the camo bows. Good luck in your decision. The Ultra Tec is a good choice.

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    Your bow doesn't neccessarily HAVE to be in a competition color. I have seen target archers before who have camoflauged bows.
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    If I could have 2 bows yeah it would be nice to have a camo then one to shoot 3-D in a color. Go for it. :cool:
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    I would make the discion based on what I use the bows for the most.. I am primarily a target archer so I would go pretty!! :D
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    I have a Hoyt Ultra tec that has a stars and stripes theme. I continued the theme with the toxonics sight but sure-loc makes one as well. There are a few differences other than just 'paint job'. You will notice that the cams are polished as well. You can pretty much add about $150 for a bow in color. I have seen the Hoyt catalog and you have many different options for styles and designs. If you can afford it ,its a unique opportunity for a little self expression. Resale on bows 'at least in this area' are less than half in 2 years. Never go into this figuring you'll get out what you put in. It is a depreciating asset. We all enjoy shooting and I think thats the key to your happiness. Whatever you decide I am sure you will be happy with the purchase. If i get a chance I will post a pic.