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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Klay01, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    This is my first post here at the forum. I want to get into bowhunting and I want to know what a good beginners setup is. I have around $500 to spend. Any extra advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. STRO

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    $500 will get you started with a bow but plan on spending a lot more down the road. If you have an archery shop nearby go there and they should help you out. If they have some used bows shoot a couple and see which one feels better to you. You should be able to get a good used bow with everything you need on it that is only a few years old for around or under $500. Good luck and welcome to the forum. Be prepared to get obsessed with archery.

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    First off :welcome:
    Their is alot of great bows made by lots of companys now days. I would try to find a archery shop near you and go take a look at and shoot a few setups in your price range. Finding a bow that you like and feels good to you, is what you need. A $500 set up that fits you well and dose what you need, will work better then a more expensive setup that dosent work propely or fit you like it should. also if all your buddies shoot hoyts dont buy one just cause they say its the best, spend some time and do some research. shoot as many differnt ones you can, you might like a mathews or some other brand better. If you find a setup you really like, and want to know about spicifc things about it. post it here, theirs lots of good people here that can give reveiws on more specific items. hope this helps.
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    Howdy there Klay01 :welcome: to the forum.

    Check the proshops and shoot as many bows as possible then if you want to buy used keep an eye on the classifieds here and on AT. Just make sure you get your Draw Length measured correctly and do not try to draw too much weight. Good luck and have fun. :peace:
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    I agree w/ all. Do some checking!! If you get a chance to. Shoot Martin Bengal ! $399.00 plus accessories. So you can get a whole set up for about $500.00
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    Welcome to the forum...
    What they said...we can't stress enough...Find a bow that feel good to you and don't let anyone pressure you into specific brands...because they think they're the best...
    If your comfortable you'll have more fun and shoot better...:biggrin1:
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    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Great ta have ya here> you will get plenty of excellent advice and several great laughs As well. Hang around and become a regular poster. Jion up and have a blast. HS :smokin:
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    :welcome: these guy's are right try all brand's even a couple of different pro-shop's you should have as many pro-shop's down there as you have big buck's. try pse/martain/mathew's/bowtech/hoyt, many brand's and feel which one fit's best in your hand and be sure about your draw length.
    if you need any more advise come back here & ask anytime the guy's here some pro shooter's,some shop owner's alot of knowledge,& year's of experence is here for new archer's.:biggrin1: