Tough...hunting w/full moon..

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    Was in my stand this morning at 5:10 am (doesn't start peeking daylight till 6:25) and at 5:30 3 doe's were standing within 20yds from my tree and i could see them as clear as a bell with the moon light as bright as it was.It was all i could do not shoot and after a few minutes they were gone.I know...don't do it...but any of you guys ever been tempted :decision: Any how it was a good morning to be alive and with nature.The 1st pic is where they were standing.O-well...try again in the morning.
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  2. brokenarrow

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    Been there...

    Had a big doe walk buy me @ 40-45 yrds about a half hour after dark last year...If she was closer I might have done it...:decision: :tape:

  3. kbohunt

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    Well looks like your ready, Arrow nocked and all.
    It is good just to be in the woods, not a better place in the world to be with all the BS going on.
    Its the only place that you can get peace.
    Hope ya get what i call a ( JOE NAILER ) to hang on the wall
    Ive got 7 more days before i can go, still shootin my foam buck in the back yard,Gettin ready!:Cry:
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    Don't usually care for full moons either. Seems the deer move before daybreak where I hunt. But this morning was interesting.

    Got another baldy this morning. That's 3 straight Saturdays now. And to think I thought this would be the crappiest season yet with all the hunters on our property. I'm the only one to even fill a tag yet. Not all that big..... again, but tasty. Tenderloins for breakfast tomorrow.

    Season opened a little before 6:30. Ten minutes later I missed a ruffed grouse at 25 yards. Arrow landed right under it, oh well. Then about 7:00 I heard this really strange blower sound that slowly got closer. Given the issues with our neighbors harrassing us in the past I was trying to figure just what they were up to. After several minutes I remembered where I'd heard that sound before. Hot air balloons. Few minutes after that realization I saw one cruising just above the trees. Luckily they flew right over those very same neighbors. Sweet. Must have really spooked the deer as I quickly had a doe come running through. Right after that had another doe and and what I thought was her young-un. It was actually about 70 lbs or so dressed. Don't think it was born this year, as it should have been quite a bit smaller. The bigger doe was a smart one. She stood broadside at 30 yards with a small tree guarding the vitals. Instead of walking a couple steps she bolted. The smaller one came right under my tree at about 5 yards. She ran 10 yards at the shot then walked another 5 yards and tipped over. Heart shot. I've yet to blood trail one this year. All have fallen within sight, so I checked the blood trail for the short distance and was quite impressed. Love those Tekan II's. By the way, after that I had another doe come through but I forgot to put my extra antlerless tags in my holder. Only had a buck tag left. Had to take my camo shirt off to check my backtag holder to make sure. Glad I did. She was about 50 yards away then and never spooked. She finally made it to about 20 yards. Same arrow for all three so far, but this time I lost a vane. Had to replace the wrap and vanes so let's hope it's the shaft that holds all the luck.
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    Hve you checked tha moon phase this week
    Your major feedin' times are in the early afternood
    So they treavle early ta git ta tha beedin' area and will git up and feed close by
    So try movin' that stand site to tha edge of thier beddin' area and bee there when the feedin' period starts.
    Or set up and be there when they come ta bed.
    Go git em.
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    We sat all day listening to the acorns fall. We saw turkey and a fox. At 1:00 the quads started ripping through the trails. We never did see a deer. The bikes ran every 15 - 20 min past our site. I was tempted to take a shot but that would have been too hard to drag out of the woods.:mad: :tape:
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    ahhhhh yes. good old hunting stories. i got one for yous. ok right at daylight this big chipmunk came walking in..(louder than a deer) so after i saw that i starting singing alvin, simon, theordore....were the chipmunks. so i had that song stuck in my head all day. it made me mad:mad:
  8. IChim2

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    I have my stand "one of them" at the edge "one in picture"a 4yro clear cut..I think for awhile i'll only hunt this stand in the evenings.I've hunted this clear cut the past 3 and as the rut draws nearer and nearer bucks will cruise this area.