Tournaments-Which ones do you shoot? Field, 3-D, Target

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    I belong to the NFAA & My State Archery assn. & I enjoy them all. FIELD is my favorite & if & when possible enjoy the larger competitions like Nationals, Sectionals & State. 3-D is probably next due to it's availability & this is where I share the fun with my adult family members & our KIDS. The kids love em & we don't really emphasize score but talk about if their shot would have been a good one on a real animal, Target is last but if there were more, I would shoot them. I always "plan" to make the state & National championships & definitely enjoy them greatly. Nothing like seeing your arrows at 60 yds slam the gold. Indoor is probably my least fun compared to the outdoor rounds. Share yours..

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    Just some 3D at area clubs. Mainly a hunter.