Traditional vs. Compound

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  1. Pinelander

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    What is the biggest difference between the two that has guided your decision to shoot and/or hunt with one or the other?

    No, I'm not trolling.... but truly interested in what drives archers/bowhunters' choices in equipment. I know why many of today's "new" traditionalists choose to use a recurve or longbow (and I must say, for some pretty silly reasons more times than not). It is very obvious that the recurve/longbow choice for hunting has made a popular comeback in the last 20 years. Is it because it is harder to do, thus more of a challenge? Or are there others reasons? Is it really about doing it the "hard way"..... or is it about doing it the "simple way"? I don't believe those two things are the same, at least when it relates to bowhunting.
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    I started shooting recurves as a boyscout and own several now. But I choose to shoot and hunt with a compound now. I suppose it seems easier to me to use the compounds...I do enjoy the traditional way and may start shooting them again soon...for the challenge of doing it "the simple way" as you said...:noidea: :biggrin1:

  3. Chris

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    I think part of it as a progression to a more difficult goal and in turn a more rewarding goal.

    It's like gun hunters that turn to compounds. They're looking to get the thrill back, so they pick up the bow. After you have shot a bunch with the compound bow, the thoughts go to a more challenging method. They think traditional.
  4. Allen

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    I shoot compounds for target because that's where the top competition is. There is getting to be a lot of competition in traditional equipment, but around here, the bigger names and better shooters are shooting compound and I want to measure myself against them.

    However, compound target shooting sometimes gets pretty technical and complicated. That's when I pull out one of my old recurves and just fling arrows to watch them fly. It's really relaxing.

    With hunting, it depends on where I plan to hunt. Sometimes a recurve is too long and cumbersome like when I'm shooting my ground blind. Other times I know the shots may be a little longer, so again I'll shoot my compound. However, when I'm hunting a tree stand and the shots will be within the range that I'm comfortable with, I'll take the recurve.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    if I ever become proficiant w/the compound I may try the recurve:noidea: :noidea:
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    For me traditional is definately harder. With that being said when I am getting all frustrated with my compound shooting and things are getting crazy I like to just go out with my old 50# recurve with some old 2219 alums at about 10 yards and just fling some arrows. It relaxes me and gets my mind off the rest,sight,release,peep and I just have a blast.:peace:
  7. kbohunt

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    I started pretty much like these guy's and shoot pretty much which ever bow i deside to pick up that day.
    I hunted first with recurve never shot longbow.
    changed to a six-wheel compound bear white-tailed hunter,:amen: now dont that bring back memories & now compound's but that's as far as i will ever go.
    they opened cross-bow's in our state last year with bow season & i cant stand it now all the hunter's in the wood's aroud here with cross-bow's :mad: im waiting for them to open a cross-bow/club.:mad: