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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Whats you favorite brand of tree stands? for the guys that have more than one brand?

    Do you prefer ladder, hang-on, or climbers?

    For hang ons, screw in steps, strap on steps, sectional ladders like the climbing sticks?...

    Does anyone buy those really uncomfortable $40 jobies from like dicks and Wall-mart.....If I buy them I usually cut off the seat and use a strap on chair...
  2. brokenarrow

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    I like ladders, cause I'm lazy:bored: . But I have a climber if I get in a travelin' mood.

  3. Chris

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    I don't like ladders because normally they are only 16ft. My stands of choice are LONE WOLF, there is not substitue. For hang on it's the alpha with a set of 4 climbing sticks. Very quick to set up and stable. No squeeks.
  4. ridgewalker243

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    tree stands

    I love my Ol Man Climbing tree stand. It converts from rifle stand to bow hunting stand and is quite for a climber. For over all I will have to go with the hang on stands because they are so quite and you dont have to have a perfect tree. I bought one of those cheep ones with a flat seet and its not bad to sit in if you have a foam seat. The only thing is I always modify the chain hook up because it dumped my brother before at 20ft. I also have a couple of nice hang ons with swivel seats. That is a great stand, but I am not sure who makes it. It might be cabelas or something like it.
  5. Dredly

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    I love my summit. By far the best stand I've ever had the pleasure of being in!

    ALTHTOYS Guest

    For all you people using pegs and such you should rally give the old TV antenna's a try. Thats what we have been using for years and you can add sections to get them as high as you like, and they are very nice ti climb. I will try and get some pics next time i'm out.

    The other thing we us is old warehouse racking. Now this is sweet stuff. Nothing beats a 4 X 8 platform and you can take the wife and kids out with you for the experience.

    I will try and post some pictures for you to have a look at.

  7. Hoyt101

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    I like climbers and hang ons never been a big fan of ladder
    stands dont know why I also kike Condos or Box stands when
    I gun hunt and + I can put my little heater in it LOL
  8. MoBowman

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    I have two different climbers, Summit Viper and a Loggy Bayou. The Summit is a great stand expecially if your gonna be in it for awhile. Very confortable. The loggy has a very soft seat but no back and is great for about 3 hours or so then I start to get a bit unconfortable.

    I also have an inexpensive hang on that I put up in one area for short time hunts, 2-3 hours. Used the screw-in until one broke on me (along with 3 ribs) and went to the climbing sticks now.
  9. tree stands

    I am cheap and the best stand for the money is BIG GAME BOSS XL hang on. It has a huge platform and comfortable seat, solid and no noise. Use with BIG GAME Climbing sticks, very stable quick and easy. Down side heavier than other I have used. But if you have help or can drive close with the ATV it is not bad at all. I am a welder and can not build this quality for the price.

    Bomgarrs, scheels, cabela's or sportsmans warehouse

    Stand 69.99
    stick 39.99