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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by fastltz, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I'm new to tree stands and would like to get a good climbing stand and also a couple of hanging stands, any suggestions. Also is there any certian height to set a stand? Also what about blinds any good ones any bad ones? I'll be using the blind primarilly for turkey.

    PSE4LIFE Guest

    I have used a Summit climber for the last 4 years and have had great luck with them.Api,Lone Wolf are also good climbers.FOr hanging stands API are great but if you unt in a pressured area where theft may occur the cheaper the better so your not out much when stolen.Blinds all depend on size I guess.The smallest is what i look for where i can still draw my bow with some extra room.Ameristep's are good whiel DOuble BUll is one of the moist expensive but seem to bew popular.....All depends on what ya want to spend for your equipment.
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    Bought a Summit Viper this year and just love it. Confortable, can spend many hours in the stand and not get restless. Best to have you stand at least 15-18 feet up. Higher if the tree allows. Also don't think you can beat the Double Bull blinds. A bit pricey, but well worth it.

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  4. Drew

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    I have a summit viper and I love it. Really comfortable:D
  5. Chris

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    After getting the Lone Wolf stands, I don't think I'll ever buy anything else. They are mone money but worth every penny. The climbing sticks are excellent. I will never screw in another tree peg after using these.
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    I have always used hanging stands the ones i like the most are Gorilla Silverback Magnum i like the big 24x30 platform and i use API 20ft climing stix
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    With stand height, the higher the better in most cases. Just make sure to practice shooting at those heights as you may tend to shoot higher at that angle, plus your form has to change (bend at the hips).
    Ground Blinds - I bought an Ameristep Brickhouse and it is plenty roomy enough. Customer service is awesome. Only problem.... I've had MANY does and fawns within 5 yrd of my blind, but no bucks. Those who should have, tended to shy away from me. (blinds fault???) I hear you can't beat the DB Matrix 360.
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    I have an API climber it is very comfortable and works well. For fixed stands I also use the climbing sticks they are awesome you always know where your next step is going to be even in the dark (in the past I've had a little trouble finding the next screw in step in the dark, that is probably just me:) and you can find them on sale every once in a while and get a good price. As for height it has alot to do with where you are setting up, what kind of cover you have and how hte terrain is running. but that is just my 2cents
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    Here in the south, the preferred stand used to be Chevy and GMC trucks.

    But, the new super duty Fords are higher up off the road. And have become the must have.

    The super duty Ford's heavy suspension allows a more stable rest even if there is movement in the cab. And, the diesel model's batteries really pump the juice to the light.

    Dodge has really done alot with their trucks as well. I haven't measured the window height on their 2006's, but they look pretty high up. ;)