Treestand Blind/cover

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    This is a blind that I pursue in my spare time, it's not commercial just something I do when my full time job allows and naturally my wife and 3 year old daughter allow. It's something we came up with bowhunting in mind but it has gotten to all forms of hunting via a stand or on the ground looking for gobblers. It's made with a 3D Mossy Oak leafy material that was designed for the US Military for covering equipment and tanks sewn to a brown screen in either break-up or obsession using an 8 inch velcro strapping system (there are 11 straps so will work with any stand). I've got one on my climber and on a ladder stand in Georgia. It's $39 plus $2 shipping to where ever in the US and any questions please ask, and again I do not have a business just do this in my spare time, just something new I've not seen and it's helped me so why not share. I accept paypal, check, or money orders, just email me at for more payment information. The blind is 36" long vertically and the webbing will hold it down in a little wind and it's 60" wide which for my summit will allow it to wrap around to where it 45's up towards the tree. There are dual pockets inside which I personally love that are 7 inches deep by 14 inches wide, big enough for a call, bottle of water, cell phone, etc. Any specific questions please email me @ or call (352)516-8584