Tri-County (Kansas) May 17 results

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    As you can see by the scores, the course was considerably tougher than usual. There were a few new shots that were very deceptive.

    Thanks to all who joined us-there were 73 shooters this month. It takes a tremendous amount of work to run a shoot and our only reward is your attendance-thanks again for joining us!

    These are not listed in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd - I apologize.

    MO Mike Scena 300
    MO Tracy Jonas 354
    MO Aaron Priest 359

    MR Warren Mitchell 347
    MR Mitch Larison 369
    MR Vince Griggs 373
    MR Bill Stormann 360
    MR Jason Teske 353
    MR Jeremy Webb 357
    MR Rodney Brintle 362

    MBH Brian Woolworth 345
    MBH Brian Meyer 340
    MBH Matt Meyer 378
    MBH Glenn Bartholomew 372
    MBH Jeff Rice 320
    MBH Eric Rice 287
    MBH Rod Everett 303
    MBH Paul Carter 278
    MBH Justin Kerns 319
    MBH Andy Lawrence 335
    MBH Jim Bethel Sr. 344
    MBH Roger Brooks 329
    MBH Logan Wilkin 340
    MBH Terry Jones 310
    MBH Kevin Sprague 286
    MBH Richard Gardner 285
    MBH Cliff Caster 366
    MBH Walt Windsor 340
    MBH Jim Bethel Jr. 132
    MBH Mike Larison 361
    MBH Richard Meyer 370
    MBH Parker Madl 334
    MBH Steve Skeen 321
    MBH Steve Hebblethwaite 376

    Fingers Jeff Phillips 367
    Fingers Bob Brown 272

    Senior Brad Becker 293
    Senior Steve Lewis 319
    Senior Ron Watson 351

    Traditional Jeff Theno 292
    Traditional Buford Baker 272
    Traditional Jack Kenyan 287
    Traditional Bob Mundy 242
    Traditional Rob Mundy 230
    Traditional John Lewis 190
    Traditional Perry Madl 320

    WBH Tiffaney Meyer 270
    WBH Shelly Priest 315
    WBH April Skeen 297
    WBH Kelly Rice 0
    WBH Nicole Hebblethwaite 261

    Youth Caleb Patterson 355
    Youth Joe Lutz 293
    Youth Bradley Deskis 185
    Youth Jordan Kerns 282
    Youth Dalton Larrison 257
    Youth Brody Carter 328
    Youth Tanner Madl 355

    Cub Caden Brintle 227
    Cub Kolby Caster 175

    If no score card was turned in, your name was not listed.