Triple Edge - Dayton TX Pop-Up 3d shoot Aug 9

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    The Adrenalin Archery Pop-Up 3d system will be at Triple Edge in Dayton Saturday for some fast paced, heart pounding pop-up 3d shooting. Practice and Qualifying will open at 10:00 and we will start the final rounds in the afternoon.

    Come on out and get everything ready for deer season, Bring the wife, bring a friend, bring a kid and introduce them to the world of archery...

    We will have classes setup for all skill levels and all types of equipment....You can come out and shoot a couple of rounds for fun, or if you choose, you can post a qualifying score and enter the competition....

    Sam is a great guy and he has a swell bunch of folks around the shop that are always willing to go the extra mile to take care of a fellow archer.....