Trophy ridge matrix

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by elkfever, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. elkfever

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    I'm looking at going with trophy ridge matrix 5-pin. I have a tru-glo extreme now. I don't like the pins from the side, They block my view to much since the pins are close together. What are the likes and dislikes of the matrix?
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    it all depends on what you are going to do with it. i like the sight for hunting but for shooting 3-D it sucks (in my opinion) because you are shooting at a little spot and say it is a deer target at 30 yards you have to move the sight to the side so you can see your spot on the target then move the pin back. but like i said i don't like the pins in a a line but you may like it. you also may try smaller pins like .019 pins. i went to a toxonics with micro pins i love it:noidea: but good luck in your choices:peace:

  3. elkfever

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    I'm going to be using it for hunting.
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    Trophy Ridge?

    I have a trophy ridge 5-pin, you want it?

    I liked the thought of in-line pins when I first got it. However, after using it for awhile, I learned that the smallest twig or a bump of the finger can move the pins out of position. Try to move them "back in-line", forget it. I went to a Spott-Hogg and never looked back. The disadvantage far out weighted the advantage to me, the Hogg is extremely micro adjustable and durable.

    How fast is your bow and what distances are you using?
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    Spot hogg.

    I was in the forum at mathews and alot of people liked the spot hogg sights. Does anyone have a pic of what they look like looking thru them. and not a side view. I like the 7 sdp. since it has seven pins instead of 5.

    I what to go with some kind of sight that has .019 pins no matter what brand.
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    Trophy Ridge_NG (IMHO)

    Hi ElkFever,
    I have to agree with Keith in SD 100%.
    I thought I'd like the TR In-line design, but it is actually one of the worst sights I've ever used (IN MY OPINION)
    -due to blockage of view between pins. You can't "pin-stack" or sight-in on in-between yardages since the pins block one another--vertically-kinda ironic..
    -the sight is plastic/composite, not metal, and yes the pins will shift if you fumble-finger near the latches.
    -It takes 3+ different allen wrenches to set up.
    -3rd axis adjustment was unnecess.
    -also found the pins not lining up exactly vertical ( some were slanted left, some right)- not a well engineered piece of hardware IN MY OPINION> Pins also were very dark, and a blue-light was needed for indoor shoots.

    I, like Keith went w/ a Hogg-It, and wish I had donated the money, or bought arrows for kids; rather than that sight.
    "Nuff said...?"
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    Spot Hoggit is a pretty awesome sight and hard to beat construction wise, BUT, as a very avid bowhunter and one that loves to hunt till the very last min of daylight, I don't like the idea of putting out all that $$ on a sight and then having to buy a "light" to use to see the fiber pins. And you guys have got to admit that the pins are not all that bright on the spot hogg's at least the ones that I have seen.

    Now, another option, for not only a great hunting sight, but 3D sight as well is the Viper Pro Predator. Very well constructed and has a 7.25" fiber in a .019pin. Now, this thing collects light and the pins you can see even after the last available hunting light has diminished. You can buy a light for it if you want to spend the $$ but you don't really need it. Also comes with a 2x, 3x, 4x and 6x lense if needed. Well worth looking into:rockon:

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  8. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Trophy Ridge

    I have never owned a TR Matrix but have seen some on bows at the shop. The guys that I have talked to have mixed feelings about them some like them some don't. Extreme and Viper are hot sellers at the shop. But I was in there and seen a sight that blew me away "I THINK" it was a Special Ops by Sure-loc very bright and made very rugged. But I am still leaning toward the Montana Black Gold Flash Point. To each his own shoot what you like is my motto. Have fun fella's!!!!
  9. piethon

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    TR Matrix

    I have used this sight the last 2 months for 3d shoots. I love it. I think it is just up to the shooter. The glow sticks and the top mounting light both work very well to light up the pins. I don't understand what everyone is talking about when they say the the pins can be moved by a twig? The pins are vertically adjusted without tools. You open a release and then move the pins. With mine even after the release is open the pins are hard to move. Anyways that my 2 cents.
  10. silverado mike

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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I dont like the Trophy ridge either, bought one for my huntin buddy on his birthday, the thing is constantly loosening up and I agree about the releases for moving the pins.
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    TR....... great sight!!

    I got a Trophy ridge Matrix sight last year for father's day, GREAT sight! The pins never loosen up. You have to try to move them even with the locking cam loosened. I brought the whole thing down to far and caught one of the fibers on a broadhead blade and broke it. TR replaced it no questions asked except where to send it. I handed my bow to a buddy to try a couple shots, after he dropped it I decided he had shot it enough. Later when I started shooting 3 to 4 inches high I discovered a crack that must have been the result of being dropped. Once again, no questions asked and a replacement was here in 5 days. Funny thing about that plastic composite sight....... I welded the broken piece with a TIG torch and aluminum filler wire. When I got done that plastic composite looked just like aluminum. But then I've only been welding for slightly over 40 years and it just goes to show you that even an old dog can learn to weld plastic.
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    i just ordered a extreme th900 fri. should be here tomorow. i looked at a couple of the trophy ridges and for the money i didnt think they were worth it.
    it seemed to me it would be hard to aim between the pins