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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by cedar, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I was talking the day to a designer,manufacturer and hunter of his own line of bows and was talking about his opinion on rests. I really want to attain the best accuracy I can so any mistake is due to a flaw in my form not an equipement failure. I just got a T.T. spring steel rest and if I can get excellent arrow flight shooting 3-d why couldn't a person use the same rest for hunting. I hear all this retoric about arrow containment and so forth but at the moment of truth you had better have control of you shot sequence or failure will be yours. On my hunting recurve I have a Golden key springy and I don't have problems with arrows coming off the rest so why would a compound be any different. I have a T.T. pronghorn and while I did achieve pretty good arrow flight I would like to eliminate even more variables. I am hoping once I get things all set up and tuned I am able to silence the arrow sliding across the prong launcher and any ideas would be appreciated.By the way I intend on using Blazers(2") for both 3-d and hunting.What are your thoughts? Paul:noidea:
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    I have a TT drop away and to silence the arrow coming across at the end of the draw I took a piece fo mole skin felt and put it in the launcher where the arrow was going to be hitting and now it is quiet. I think the blazers will do you good for both, I used to use blazers for 3D before I had a separate setup for it, and they worked fine.


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    While the springs steel is an excellent 3d or indoor setup, it will make noise when drawing. This would be the problem with hunting with it. If you have to make a quick adjustment in position to get a shot, the arrow will fall off the rest.