True tale of a 7 year old

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    My cousin, who is a school teacher, had to go to the doctor for girly stuff. She had to take her 7 year old daughter with her. Even though the daughter was not in the same room, she could hear the Dr. asking her mother if she was sexually active, and that after a procedure, she would have to go on the pill to regulate things. After the Dr. visit, my cousin went to lay down, and her daughter was eating dinner with her grandparents and the kid says, Mom has to go on the pill cause she is sexually active. The grandmother, trying not to spit out her food had to ask if she knew what sexually active was. The kid replies " well yeah, Nan" It isn't like mom sits behind her desk all day when she teaches, she is up and down from the chalkboard and even goes out to recess! thought it was cute.
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    Nice to see a child that is still innocent.