Trykon XL Zepher CAMS- TRADE 4.0 for 3.0

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    Okay I need to change cams, I have right handed zepher 4.0s with 80% let off in bronze, they have never been shot. I also will have the fuse strings and cables that go with the cams. So what I need is someone to swap me, I need 3.0 (28inch) cams in the same let off and color. I also am going to need the strings and cables that go with a 28 inch draw trykon xl if any ones got em. If anyone has either the 3.0 cams or the strings and cables that go with the 28 inch draw shoot me an email, I might have to just sell what I have and then buy the cams and strings I need, so if somebodys interested just hit me up. (Just so every one knows the cams and strings are still on my bow so I wont be able to ship anything imediately)