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    I was paper tuning my bow (I put a new rest on it) and was consistantly tearing right. I moved my rest all around, couldn't get it. I finally decided to try turning the poundage down on the bow. Well two turns later, and it's much better. I tweaked the rest again and got it shot in pretty good! I was wondering if anyone has ever cured a tuning problem by lessing the poundage? I am thinking that i might have had too little spine in my arrows, maybe the are even too long? any thoughts would be great guys thanks!


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    i wouldn't worry TOO much about paper tuning. even the easton guide says it's just a starting point. most manufactures agree to this as well. i got much better results out of walk back tuning. but yes, you're right, if you are borderline too stiff, a turn or two could help the problem.

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    Jim the start with paper tuning I have found over the years just does not work for me. I setup a lot of bows over time and find the paper tune just does not work. I find I setup:
    1. center shot on the rest
    2. put a nock point of 1/8 inch high
    3. then get about 6 feet away from a target and shoot one arrow and see if the arrow is:

    a. straight in as you look at it, if it is no other action required
    B. if the arrows leans to the left it is underspined (lower bow weight)
    C. if it leans to the right it is over spined (increase bow weight)
    4. I now would do a baby powder test, by putting baby powder on the rest area / riser and shoot one arrow to then check for drag marks. If clean no action required.

    5. I then take outside, start to sight in, do the walk back tuning out to 35 yards for my hunting bows, and 60 yards for 3D bow....

    If I still have good arrow flight and no adjustments needed I then measure everthing , brace height, top limb, bottom limb and nock point height and keep the measurements in my tackle box...works great if you need a new string or cable to know what was that fine tuned bow setup...

    hope this helps for discussion points
  4. Gator eye

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    Just a thought

    I ve never been able to paper tune my XT.

    reason : I am always fighting the grip.

    It still shoots nice and smooth and accurate just never been able to paper tune. Other people in the shop can shoot it through paper just fine. It's me.
  5. Wheely

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    I think I have this same problem :bored:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    aint the only one......:lol: :lol:

    to answer the question, YES I have tuned a setup by raising and lowering the poundage.....

    paper tuning is only the first step, walk back tuning is a much better way to tune.....

    also everyone holds a given bow differently, paper tuning should only be done by the person who is acctually going to be shooting the bow, other wise I think its useless.....
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    Walk Back?

    Just wondering what walk back tunning is??

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I did say that right, right??

    do a search, its too much typing right now...
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    Walk back tuning
    by nuts&bolts

    Hang a weighted string from a nail on a target.

    Stick a round sticker on the target face so that the string splits the sticker. Use your existing 20-yd pin, step back 20-yards from the target and fire at the sticker.

    Don't worry about where the arrow hits.

    Walk straight back to 30 yds, and using the same 20-yd pin setting,
    fire an arrow at the sticker.

    Repeat at 35 yds and at 40 yds, using the 20-yd pin and firing at the sticker.

    If your arrows look like this pattern " / " or “\”,
    then pick a direction and move your arrow rest 1/16th inch.

    If the pattern gets straighter (more vertical), then that is great. Keep adjusting in that direction.

    If the pattern gets more crooked, then adjust in the other direction.

    Keep firing arrows and keep adjusting the arrow rest position until you get a vertical pattern of arrows.

    Eventually, your arrows will hit in the target is a straight up and down line like this " | ".

    LOCK down the arrow rest setting. Your centershot is perfect.

    But, your vertical pattern of arrows may not be hitting the string.

    The vertical pattern of arrows may be on one side of the string.
    Let’s say the arrows are say 6-inches to the left of the weighted string.

    Pick a direction to adjust your sight ring windage. Adjust the sight ring windage 1/16th of an inch. Repeat the test. Fire arrows at least 3 distances, and see if the vertical pattern of arrows gets closer to the string.

    If the vertical pattern of arrows is getting closer to the string, then that is great. Keep adjusting in that direction. If the vertical pattern of arrows is getting farther away, then adjust in the other direction.

    Eventually, you will have a vertical pattern of arrows right on top of the string.

    Lock down the windage and lock down the arrow rest. Windage and center shot are now perfect.
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    you might want to go back to the poundage you were shooting and try some lighter points. this might take care of your problem and give you a little more speed.
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    With a right handed shooter, paper tearing right is a heavy spine, left weak spine. I can not shoot through paper, its different everytime. I use AA and walk back tune. This works best for me for centershot. The "french tuning" :censored: works great also. All in all, its to each there own. Shoot what works best for you. If you want to supertune, its gonna cost some cash.
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    thanks guys

    i tried the wak back method and it looks good. I might be just me, cause now sometimes it tears up just ever so slightly and sometimes it is good. Like i always say...If there is a problem it's probably me!:frusty: Thanks again guys for the advice!

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    I used to paper tune alot. But have realized that it is to much of a pain to try to get it perfect on all bows. and dont gain any real advantages trying to get it perfect. I get my center shot and set loop about 1/16" nock high. Then sight in. I sight in a 20yd mark. Then move back to 50, 60, 70, 80 yds. If my arrows fly true at those distances and groups are good, I dont even worry about paper tunning. As many pro's Ive talk to at nationals about tuning. They say its way over rated.
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    I agree with what you said. The last bow I got, I never tuned it... If it groups at 20 and 50, than something must be right. I think tuning is way over rated.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    and your scores show it.........
  16. Jay Are

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    Can't judge yardage... but have no problems hitting a 3 inch dot at 80 yards????