Twisted Archer Custom Bowstrings "Very Special 3D Christmas Special" $49.99 TYD

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    I have been talking to customers and friends and I have decided to run my lowest price of the year to get as many orders as possible so I can donate as much as possible, this special will run through Christmas or maybe the end of the year as it will all depend on how well it does so here we go.

    Along with my Christmas special I am going to run a "Very Special 3D Christmas Special" for $49.99 a set with 3D serving (3 pieces max), this price will be for almost every bow so just pm me and let me know what bow you need a set for and we can go from there. As usual this is for a equal two color set with 3D serving and if halo is needed on the cam end of the split/buss cable that will be included for example Mathews, Bear, PSE and Hoyt's for models that need halo. All the colors I stock are included and once everything has been figured out on your end just fill out the order form below with all the info, please remember floating yokes are not included in this special.

    When placing your order I will need the following information, please copy and paste it on the Paypal statement or include with your Money Order.

    Brand name:
    String Length:
    Cable Length or Lengths:
    String Colors:
    Serving Color:
    AT User Name:
    Shipping Info/Address:

    Here is a list of the style of bows that are included in the special.

    Single cam set: 1 string & 1 static split harness cable
    Dual cam set: 1 string & 2 static split harness cables
    Binary cam set: 1 string & 2 control cables
    Cam & 1/2 or Hybrid set: 1 string, 1 control cable & 1 static split harness cable

    This is just a small sample of the lines or bows that will fall under the special, the list would be too long to put in my threads so just pm me and tell me what bow you have as most bows will be included in the special. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

    All PSE bows
    All AR bows
    All Reflex bows
    All Bear bows
    All Hoyt Bows
    All Bowtech bows except for the Gen 3
    All Mathews bows except for the Monster or MR line
    All Diamond/Ross bows except with the Krank
    And the list goes on...

    As you can see the bows that will be included in this special will be very long list and there are a lot more that qualify but I really need to get back to making strings so again if you have any questions about your bow just pm me what bow you have and I will let you know.

    I will still make the donation from my Christmas Special with every set ordered with this special. Paypal is [email protected]

    Now for the what makes this special different.

    I will be donating $2.00 from every set purchased from this special to at least two different charity's, I may add a third if there is enough money to spread around evenly. I am starting this special very early so I can keep my sets as low as possible as I know a lot of archers are having a hard time in this economy, this seemed to be the best way for me to help as many archer's as possible and still make a donation to the charities I wanedt to donate to.

    The first one is Give Kids The World, a charity that provides cost-free and memorable experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses and thier families. For some of these kids this may be their last vacation with their families as they may be terminal, and as a parent and a 20 year cancer survivor I know just how important this is to families with children with life-threatening illnesses. It is a very good and worth while charity and from what I learned when I first started giving to Give Kids The World about 6 or 7 years ago is that 93 cents from each dollar spent goes towards the cost-free vacation for the children and their families, and that is a amazing percentage for any charity.

    The second one will be St. Jude's Children Hospital. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital's mission is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. From everything I have read at St. Jude's no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

    If you have any questions please pm me.

    Here are my colors to choose from.​


    Flo Purple, Purple, Mtn. Berry, Red, Flo Yellow, Flo Orange, Flo Green, Pink

    Kiwi, Teal, Green, Olive Drab (O.D.), Tan, Yellow, Blue, Rootbeer

    Black, Silver, White, Metallic Bronze