Two ladies/youth compound bows wanted

Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by Maggie, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Maggie

    Maggie Guest

    Well, used to be involved in archery as a teen but been out of it for years. Now my 13 year old daughter has expressed interest so we are going to do this together. Have subscribed to a few forums and magazines at this point.
    We are looking for a couple of compound bows with a draw of no more than 30 pounds. Dont have to look pretty, just work decent. Thanks!
  2. Chris

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    Try to find a used Browning Micro midas 3. These have 10" of draw length adjustment. I put my kids in these otherwise they outgrow them too quickly.
    Plus they are nice little bows.

  3. Maggie

    Maggie Guest

    Thank you, I definitely appreciate the advice. :)
  4. Jupi

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    I have two Compound bows

    Maggie I have a Youth Bear 20 - 30 pounds and a Bear Alaskan Bow 29 draw length, 70-draw weight, and 56 1/2 string length. I have them posted on eBay where you can see them. I hope you and your daughter enjoy them as much as my son and I have. Steven is now in college and is selling the bows for extra cash for this next semester.
    eBay #7210111081
    eBay #7210111758​
    Just enter the #'s above at eBay to view the bows.

  5. MAX

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    youth bows

    hi i have a nice hoyt rintec with rest, peep and cheep sight for 225.00. Its less than a year old and my son has been given a new bow.It has 18" to 26" draw adjustment and 40 to 50 lb limbs. we also have a pse spider4 (left hand) with 20lb limbs asking 100.00 ps. the micro bow are great bows.
  6. Midskier

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    for the low budget , check e-bay sort by what you are looking for
    try to narrow it down to a few brands and watch them
    my boy shoots a parker buck shot 8-10 draw adjust
    ready to shoot under $300 new

    the hoyt ryntec is really sweet but more$$$ and a smaller grip

    alpine makes a great outh bow
    and so does browning
    all on e-bay for cheap
    don't like or grow out of it , or want to change
    sell it back on e-bay

    good luck