Urgent, Ballots out, Vote for Archery & Bowhunting

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    After reading the last Pope and Young's, quarterly news letter and receiving the ballot with position statements for 2nd vice president for both candicates, I was totally ashamed by the negative statements made by Brian Scarnegie in reference to the archery unit and Warren Strickland. There is no way Pope and Young can survive by alienating everyone within the industry!! The ANTI's have to love this, divided we stand, divided we fall! Brian has made accusations that they are being bought or have sold themselves out for hidden agenda's. In the beginning most of the founding fathers were involved in the archery industry such as Earl Hoyt, Fred Bear, Bud Pierson, Tom Jennings, Damon Hewitt, and several others. I have personally been involved in archery for over 38 years I started hunting with recurves, switched to compounds for competetive competition, switched back to recurves for hunting and now currenlty hunt with compounds. I feel as bow hunters we must unite and focus on more important and serious issues facing archery and quit fighting amongst ourselves. I know many great bow hunters and companies within the archery industry that make many quality products and most of them are not related to the crossbow industry. Brian has totally chosed to alienate the individuals and companies strictly based on his hypocritical statements against the industry and ATA. Many Pope and Young members purchase products from the industry you are condeming. Using Brian's thought process what does this make us or them? We cannont put our fellow bow hunters against each other. I suppose everyone should make their own stick bows and wooden arrows and find flint broadheads and then we wouldn't need the companies and individuals that Brian fears so much!! These company owners are mostly composed of bow hunters and employ many bow hunters, which I feel Pope and Young cannot afford to alienate. I spoke with Warren Strickland personally over the phone in reference to crossbows. Warren stated unequivocally that he is opposed of their use during archery seasons and would not support them in any fashion for use in Pope and Young. He has also voted against crossbows while serving on the Alabama wildlife commission. Fear is proven to be one of the strongest emotions causing human decisions. I truly feel in my heart that most of the membership will be able to see through Brian's smoke and mirror tactics to get elected. The tactics and untruths come with a great expense to Pope and Young. If Brian can get elected on fabricated information, I along with many others will strongly consider not belonging to Pope and Young anymore. I know Brian's platform is totally misguided, ridiculous and based on fear. Anyone with common sense has the ability to know that Warren Strickland, being a very successful heart surgeon, certainly doesn't rely on income from the archery industry. I was disheartened by Brian's accucations and judgement of a man that he doesn't even know on a personal level, or he would not have said these things. I have spoken with many individuals about Warren Strickland and each knows him to be a great, positive leader that will serve the Pope and Young membership at the highest level with honesty and integrity. In closing it is very evident after reading Brian's position statement that his beliefs are not based on facts. The Pope and Young organization could do so much more for archery if given the right leadership. Vote for Warren Strickland. Be sure and don't purchase anything from the industry since we would all be hypocrits for supporint the archery industry, "BRIAN HAS NO USE FOR" and they are all crooked according to him!!