vector cam and 1/2 on trykon xl??

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by massbow, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. massbow

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    I have heard rumor that it may be possible to switch the cams on the trykon xl to the new vector cam and 1/2??? Has anyone heard this or done this?And if so did they order the cams direct from hoyt or thru a pro shop.
  2. you pro shop will order the cams for you and put them on the best thing to do is let them put them might have to get different limbs:peace: some pro shops will try to sell you all they can so you might want to call hoyt or write to them and ask the source.i have swap a lot of cams out on alot of different bows including hoyt and had to swap limbs to make it work.another thing is it is not chaep. here is there address
    543 Neil Armstrong Rd.
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-2887

    Phone: (801) 363-2990
    Fax: (801) 537-1470

    i hope this helped ya out?:noidea:

  3. tek

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    Sell it

    IMO if you want the Vectrix cams on your Trykon you would be better off just selling the Trykon and buying a Vectrix. By the time you buy the Vector cams, new strings and possibly limbs it would cost too much.

    And welcome to the forum :welcome:
  4. Chris

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    I'm not sure you can even order the Vectrix cams right now.
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    thanks guys thats kind of what i thought