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    Well I'm new to the forum, and new to archery but hopefully that can all change with time. I've been an avid hunter with rifles for a few years, my GF just got an NEF 3 in 1 set to include a .243, a .22lr, and a 20 guage and wanted to do some archery. With her beating and insistance I figured why not. So I went down and looked at local bows and thought I had it all figured out with a little PSE spider and a few upgrades for about 300 bucks and maybe a little mojave for the GF. Then I went to the archery store in I'm poor. We ended up picking up two compounds after much measureing, pull weight checking, sight alligning, practice shooting, and some hacked up forarms from long draw lengths for both of us.

    she ended up with.
    Browning micro adrenaline(40-50#pull)
    12 eastam Jazz arrows (royal blue "purple")
    Corbra sight
    whisker bisket rest
    cobra caliper release
    nock, loop, peep

    Mine..and god I hope I made a good descision...
    Martin phantomII (50-60#pull)
    Martin quiver
    eastman aluminum arrows, forget make but payed 55 for a dozen, new not used.
    impact sight
    limbsaver stabalizer
    fall away rest
    cobra caliper release
    nock, loop, peep

    These bows were alot pricier than I had intended but the archery individual assured us (lol this always worries me) that we were getting an amazing deal. I admit the martin phantom is nicer than the pse spider..and the adrinaline looks like a great bow that will fit the GF for a while. I was just hoping you guys could reassume me I'm not burning almost a grand. These bows will be used for later hunting, and imideate paper punching. Looks like a great sight hopefully I can learn alot here. Thanks in advance all.
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    Welcome to the sport...and the forum!!!

    The prices look about right so don't worry about gettin' hosed.
    The Adrenelin is a good bow and you have a good basic setup on it...
    I don't know anything about the Phantom but I'm sure someone on here will...
    The secret to enjoying archery is to shoot as often as possible...don't overdo it though...
    If you start getting frustrated remember everything takes practice
    Don't be afraid to ask shops, shoots or here...Real archers will help however they can...It's all about the sport and the people who love it...

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    yeah you got pretty goods deals by the look of it. You guys are in for a great time! archery is awesome and you picked a great site to visit too :)

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    you payed how much?????? you got hosed.......just kidding.....

    you guys are going to love archery, you will meet some wonderful people along the way, just remember that everyone is going to have an opinion of what is best....I say if you like a certain bow and it fits you, thats all that matters.....

    About you now being a poor man, you will however learn that in this sport you never will be a wealthy man.....
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    Lol I hunt, fish, reload, have an exotic reptile and invert collection, have four fish tanks including a salt water, play expensive miniatures based war games, have a GF and now am into archery...when I say I'm a rich has nothing to do with it.
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    Looks like you've learned how to learn - half the battle. Welcome
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    :welcome: to the forum n2t glad you are here. You are going to love archery it is an addiction.

    Looks like you got pretty good deals there. Good luck