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  1. trussoni

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    I have been making calls and visiting shops looking for a lensed sight. I can not for the life of me find a local shop that carries the Viper line. I found a place that will have some Sword sights in like April. A shop in La Crosse handles HHA but they only had one in stock and it was the T500 series single pinned sight. If anyone knows someone that handles these lines I would greatly appreciate it. I really want to look at all 3 but that is looking grimmer and grimmer. I dont really want to spend the money on something I am not completely sold on and 1 pin just doesnt do it for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just dont trust places like EBay..I am actually thinking on making like my second post ever on AT to see if anyone there knows of a person who knows of a place...
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  2. Brent Hese

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    I would have to say order one on line. there are many sights that you can trust and most of them will be cheaper after shiping charge than if you would by one from a dealer. In my eye's viper is the vary best in sights and len's yuo will be happy with any one of the sights but i would say the micro tune is the best but the H1000 is right there also

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    I just got my Pro2000 with 3X lens from the online store here. It satisfies me.