Walking the dog

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    A little girl gets off the school bus and runs inside and asks her mom if she can take the dog for walk…
    Her mom replies, “I am sorry honey you cant take the dog for a walk today, because the dog’s in heat”
    The girl say, “Please mommy, I want to take the dog for a walk”
    Again her mom says, “Honey, I said no.. you cant walk the dog because the dogs in heat.”
    The little girl stops for a minute and pauses and then says to her mom, “Mommy, what is heat?”
    The woman says to the little girl “you should go ask your father”
    So the little girl goes out to the garage to talk to her daddy and she asks “Daddy can I take the dog for a walk?”
    The man says “no honey, you cant take the dog for walk because the dog is in heat”
    The little girl says “daddy what is heat?”
    The man looks to be thinking of something to tell his daughter.. finally after a few minutes of thought the man says to his daughter,” hang on a second..” and he goes over to the shelf and picks up a rag and soaks it with gasoline and rubs all over the dogs butt… and then says to his daughter “OK there…. Now you can take the dog for a walk, but only around the block and then you have to come RIGHT back home.. OK?”
    The little girl grabs the dog and starts off on her walk. About fifteen minutes the girl comes home without the dog so her father asks her “Where is the dog?” To which the little girl replies, “She ran out of gas around the corner, but it’s ok another is pushing her home.”
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    Thank God for triple A!:D