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    im new to bow hunting...ive shot a bow a few times but would really like to get into it. ive gun hunted whitetail since i was 12. bow hunting seems more exciting. however, i dont know where to start. i wanna get a good bow and equip for a low price in case i find out i dont like it. so, what brand? package or buy equip seperate? what draw weight, let off, length, etc.? any tips on where to shop for stuff? what other things should i know? any help would be great
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    get a hold of me send me a pm i many have what you are looking fore every thing but the arrows

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    well if u like gun hunting then trust me youll LOVE bow hunting as for equipment it all depends on what your comportable with and how much you are willing to spen
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    To get familiar with what is out there you really should hit the pro shops in your area and try out everything you can in your price range. Personal preference plays such a huge role in selecting gear, we could all recomend what we like and all the manufactures would be represented. Have them measure your draw length and be sure that everyone you try is set to that length. Same with things like sights, look at several and see which looks good to you. There are some good bows on the used market but until you figure out what works for you yoyu're just taking a stab in the dark with one. Whitetail do not require much in the way of draw weight. 50# with a newer bow is more than enough. A 60# max bow would be plenty. I do recomend one of the high let off bows for hunting as you may have to hold it for a while waiting for the animal to give you a clean shot. I would also suggest a full containment rest; WB or fall away - personal preference there again. I would probably not recommend a package so you aren't locked into the accessories.
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    First of all :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
    to the site and to the world of Archery.

    As a new starter, I would recommend going to the "Hunter's Friend" site and go to thier "Tech" section and do a bunch of reading there.


    It will explain a lot as in ATA. Brace height, draw lengths etc. It will help in the fundemental terms of the bow and your understanding.

    One of the best pieces of advice is to go to a "Pro" shop and have them help you. and I would suggest more than one shop. A bow is one of the most personal choices you can make in sports. Everything must fit you by feel and measurements. What feels good and fits properly to someone could be (and probably is) totally wrong and uncomfortable to you. First thing to do is to get properly measured for your draw length. (extremely important), then you have to find your comfort zone as for draw weight. (My personal advice is to stay around 60#'s or less.) Don't get caught up in this "macho" bit about how much weight you can draw. It is unnecessary. Too much weight will only hurt you in achieving your form and will slowly ruin your shoulders and elbows. You'll hear a lot of people try to talk you into shooting more weight, heavier arrows etc. because of speed and Kinetic Energy but with todays bows you do a balancing act with lighter weight = lighter arrows which makes up (somewhat) for the speed and with KE most of it is wasted into the ground after the arrows pass thru the deer. Now if your hunting primarily bear, moose elk boar then you want more KE as they are tougher.

    The main things you are to be concerned about now is you draw length, proper, comfortable draw weight, and the feel of the bow. then you get arrows set up for that setup because your arrow length, weigth and spline is determined by your DW and DL. (and to a degree your sight).

    If I was of Oriental background I would say that "you must become one with your bow" but because I'm not I'll just say that you and your bow must fit each other properly.

    But remember all of this is only my opinion.

    Good luck. Keep shooting Practise, Practise , Practise.
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    i went to the local archery shop yesterday, he had a used mathews, not sure on the model, that he wants 429 bucks for. i believe it is a 2007 model, looks like brand new. 60# draw, 29 inch DL. once he sighted it in for me i was hittin a quarter consistently at 10 yards which was impressive for me. he wants 600 for the bow, 6 arrows, 6 practice tips, the rest, a single pin sight, the release, stabilizer, pretty much everything i need to get started and "free" setup for buying it from him. guy was really cool and corrected my form so i stop whacking my wrist with the string...is this a good price or should i try to talk him down?
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