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    Hello I'm new to the the forum and from across the pond.
    I've been an a gamekeeper for many years now and have alway done my hunting with a rifle or shotgun,however I'm very keen to get into hunting with a bow and am loooking for info on the best bow to buy technics of bowhunting and any thing more that people think will help me.
    I come to our cousins in america as hunting with a bow in the U.K has been outlawed since the sixtys and you have vast knolage of the subject.
    I live in europe so can hunt with a bow in many of these countrys as well as a trip I have booked to south africa in june hunting atelope and bush pig and a possable trip to the USA later in the year where i would really like to hunt with the bow.
    So if any one can help i'll be very greatfull
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    Wow, I tell ya what, just book a trip for me with ya and I can get you up to speed on bow hunting real quick! First and foremost, you need to get out and shoot, I don't know what kind of local shops are around you if any. Go to the shops, if available and shoot a variety of bows from different manufacturers and then decide which felt the most comfortable. Hoyts are my favorite, bowtechs are great performers, PSE has some nice models, I don't care for mathews - just seem plain jane for $800+. Parker, Reflex, and Diamond are also well known manufacturers. If you plan on hunting this upcoming season now is the time to get started practicing. Good luck, post up any questions you have along the way and we will help to the best of our knowledge, some are more help than others. haha! :welcome: to the forum.

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    Wow! First of all let me welcome you to the forum. Secondly I must add that you have probably made almost everyone here jealous about your being able to hunt in these places.:hail: The hardest part of this question for me is that I don't know what is available to you in Switzerland. There are so many good bows to choose from here. My standard advise is to go to as many Pro Shops.
    (dealers that deal with Archery) and look at the bows they sell and shoot them and see what feels best to you. The people there will tell you about the pro's and con's of each, plus measure you for your draw length and figure out your poundage that is comfortable to you. The feel of the bow is very important. I always like to say that the bow picks you out as well as you pick it. I would suggest you go online to the various Archery Manufacturers such as Bowtech, Mathews, Martin, PSE etc. and read on them and see what looks good to you. I'm sure that some of the guys on here that have their own shops could set up arrangements with you if it came down to that. I would be interested in seeing some of the bows made over there. I'll bet Germany has some fine bows.:noidea: Plus tell us what being a "Gamekeeper's" job is all about.I Have a feeling that we're going to be asking you alot of questions about hunting in Europe, Plus Switzerland has always been one of my main "to Do" places I've wanted to go to.

    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :usa:
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    Firstly thanks for making me feel so welcome
    The problem i have is that although archery i very popular in Switzerland like england bowhunting as far as i know isn't, so the plan is to practice feild archery here and hunt in france czech republic poland ect.. which are all in a days drive or less for me.
    This brings me to the next problem compound bow are not popular here they are by no means frownd apon, it's just they like things more traditional i.e you can buy some beautiful long and recurve bows hand made and factory.
    So i think the best thing is for me to take the advise of people that know and buy on line.
    As for being a gamekeeper it's a bit like a ranger but privat, i would rear pheasant and partrindge for paying customers to shoot (between 3000 and 1000 per year) and they would shoot between 100 to 500 per day for 10 to 12 days per year.
    This would start by buying them in a 1 day old and releaseing them at 6 weeks old to go wild to be hunted at 23 weeks old on.uselly this would be driven days with some walk up days (this is a very basic discription)my other dutys inclued managing the deer herds roe and red.feeding the duck flighting ponds taking clients deer stalking and all other aspects of running a shoot includind improving the enviroment conservation and stopping pouchers.
    If theirs any thing you wish to know about hunting in europe please feel free to ask and if i don't know i'll find out