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    Well as some of you know I am new and just got myself a Diamond Liberty. Haven't read any negatives about it--actually I haven't seen anyone comment about it at all, which has me second guessing my choice a little.

    Anyway I hope that my decision with the Liberty will be a good beginning bow to hopefully take along on mine and my wifes first turkey hunt either in the spring or fall of next year. We are not really interested in deer hunting. Since this will be our very first time hunting ever, I though I would throw out a couple questions to help us get set up.

    Just for reference my bow set up is:
    Diamond Liberty 29" @ 60#
    Copper John Dead Nuts 2 Hunter Pro Four-Pin Sight
    Carolina Whisker Biscuit QS
    Alpine Bear Claw 5-Arrow Quiver
    Sims Mini S-Coil Stabilizer
    ProView Angled Hunter Peep Sight
    E-Z Adjust Caliper Release
    String loop
    6 cheap ass carbon practice arrows that i can tear up without fear

    Wife's set up is:
    Parker Buck Hunter XP 26" @ 40#
    Factory sight, peep, quiver and biscuit (Factory Outfitter Bow Package)
    E-Z Adjust Caliper Release
    String loop
    6 cheap ass carbon practice arrows that she can tear up without fear

    1. With the above entry level accessories listed is there any accessories that should be replaced with something better?

    2. What accessories that I don't have listed are a must have for turkey hunting?

    3. Recommended arrows and heads for turkey hunting?

    4. Anyone familiar with the Liberty or the Buck Hunter XP and have any tips, comments or things we should be aware of with them?

    Thanks in advance for all your expertise!
    JTitan & Jasmine
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    I didn't see you mention your wifes stabilizer. does she have one? probablly a good idea to get her one if not. other than that I don't know much about the liberty. I think you have a pretty good setup so far. as far as turkey hunting find out what arrows fit your bows draw length and speed. Goldtip has a chart on their website as does Easton and many others. broadheads are 6 one way halfdozen the other I shoot a teken II from G5. it's a mecahnical head so you can't shoot thru mesh. I shoot muzzy fixed 4 blades if I'm gonna shoot thru mesh. You will get alot of good advice on this site from people better at this than me.:biggrin1: Good luck.
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  3. JTitan

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    Nope no stabilizer for her bow, but I will definitely get her one.

    I was also thinking of getting string suppressors for both bows, but really don't know where to start for those.
  4. MoSkeeter0311

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    Go to MEANV archery and talk to him. He makes them custom for your bow. I've got 2 of them and couldn't be happier. He's quick about getting them out. Best $$$$ I spent for my bows.
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    When your Liberty came out under Bowtech's name it won outdoor life's bow of the year. Nothing wrong with that bow.
    As far as turkey hunting goes, You have to figure out if your using a blind or not, if you are, how well can you see your pins in a dark blind? Tells you if something needs attention in the sight dept.
    Investing in decent arows would be a good next step.
    A stabalizer for the wifes set-up also. Something that helps her balance out her hold and slow down bow-hand movement.
    Other than that just shoot them. Have fun. Simulate your expected hunting situations. Shoot from a stool, or on your knees if thats whats going to take place.
    Ask around about heads for turkeys.