What are all these accessories for?

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  1. I am in search for my first used compund bow for hunting. I am going to look at a 2002 Ben Pearson spoiler. is that a good bow or should i hold out for a Bowtech Tomkat?

    I see ads with all of these accessories.

    What are peep sights, whisker biscuits, stabilizers, kisser button, limb savers ????

    What do I need to have a good hunting bow?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Well seeing as how I am new to this i might be corrected but I do know that the peep sight is what you install in the string and look through at your sight. there are many different kinds to choose from as i have found out. the whisker biscuit is a type of arrow rest big advantage i can see from it is your arrow stays put for the most part. the kisser button is another thing that is attached to your stirg and gives you a better idea of where you should have your string each and everytime you are going to shot good thing to have from what i have been told for newbies. that is all i can really help you out with for now hope this helps.

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    Hello Longisalnd, First of all, i would make sure the bow will fit you, what is your draw length, and how much can draw can you handle, Remeber it will be harder to pull back in odd positions, wether conditions...ext might want a smaller bow if your in a tree stand alot... wont be like at a indoor range, if you want it for hunting, If i were you, i would try to find a local archery shop, go shoot a few different bows and see what you like, can afford, and what would fill your needs as far as use. Just an idea, would hate to spend money on something, then get it, and find its useless to you, take some time, do some research and get the right equipment for YOU, you will be better off in the long run and enjoy it much more!!!
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    I dont use any of those things. I go into the woods with a long stick curved on both ends a string and a stick with a pointy thing on the end of it. Thats it no gismoes gagets or sights. You should give it a try.
    I shoot a recurve, simple, effective and so much fun.