What are your bowhunting stats?

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    I was thinking about this the other day after I got my doe. Here are my stats. I figured them up.

    I have a 91% success rate for an immediate recovery. I had one animal I didnt find right away but the rest have been very quick.

    I have had several animals drop on the spot but most have went down within 30 yds. give or take. My longest tracking job was probly 150 yds. tops (hog)

    Four out of the last 5 animals I have taken have traveled about 30 yds. or less after the shot. I think that is awesome.

    50% (5)of my kills have went 30 yds. or less
    30% (3)have went between 30-80 yds.
    20% (2)have went between 80-150 yds.

    I am very happy with my success rate,etc. :thumb:

    I always strive not to take a bad shot or a bad angle even if it meant letting the animal pass.

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  2. BowTechArch

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    Of the 50+ confirmed bowkills..

    ...I think I have lost 4 deer in my lifetime that I hit with an arrow....

    It still amazes me how quickly a razor sharp BH kills a deer shot thru both lungs...

    And even more amazing how far a marginally hit deer can go when pushed...

  3. IChim2

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    I've never lost one but their were times when i laid in bed late at night worring about it.I've always rabbit hunted and always(still do) had good beagles and was able to find them.It's gottin better in the past several years though...i won't take the shot unless i'm sure about it.It doesn't bother me to let'um walk any more...there will be another day.
  4. Cablegaurd21

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    100% upto this year havent got one yet. all my shot are within 30 yrds from a tree stand on private property(no fences). I haven't been hunting long though. I'm sure I will miss sooner or later. I feel like this year might get me, nothings been going right.:frusty:
  5. OA3D

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    Deer hit - zero recovers of 2 hit - 2005 season
    Deer shot at 4
    Why? Equipment and knowledge.

    Deer were caught on trail cam within a week, no worse than before.
    Prolly has effected me more than them. I haven't released an arrow at a live animal since January 12, 2006.
  6. tenzero1

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    When I had my old bow it was too weak and I had shot at 2 deer hit them and one turkey and hit him and could not find them and now that ive had my new bow ive shot at one deer and he dropped withing 40yards so im about 100% for hitting what i aim at and 25% for finding.....
  7. tnts79

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    Shot 6 deer my first year, 1 buck and 5 does.
    Longest recovery was about 50-60 yards.
    Last year shot 5, 8pt., and 4 does.
    Longest recovery was about 50 yards on the 8 pointer.
    This year 2 does so far, and a coyote. 30-40 yard recoveries.
    I would say the average recovery distance is around 40-60 yards for a well hit deer, regardless of size, about 8-10 seconds to live after a double lung shot.

    I shoot tekan-II expandables with about 70 ft.lbs. of KE.

    I take only shots I know I can make, 40 yards max on live animals, practice out to 60 yards on 3d and spots. A buddy of mine I shoot with shoots right with me on 3d and spots and he has shot 4 deer this year, 3 does, 1 lung and guts on all of them and a nice 9 ptr.
    Shot the 9 at 30 yards, hit high in the shoulder he lost blood and couldn't recover the buck. :noidea: Bad things can and will happen, I just try to prevent them in every manner possible, and my rangefinder(leupold RX-II) is worth its weight in gold!
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  8. bullfiddle

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    I honestly can't tell ya how many deer I have harvested over the years but I can tell ya how many I was unable to recover and that was 2. Seems like ya never forget the ones ya don't put in the truck. I have probably averaged 2 deer a year for the last 25yrs.
  9. kbohunt

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    I havent been as lucky or as good in the early days.
    Back then in the 70's ya just fling an arrow at one that gets close enough and hope ya hit the right spot.
    In the 1st 15 years of my bowhunting i would kill 10 and lose 1
    So i would say around 40 deer and loosing 4 the first 15 years.
    The last 15 years 2 ive stuck and lost
    In the last 8 to 9 years using Mechinicals every one i hit around 30 deer Ive lost 0
    Im not sure how to put that into a %
    But Mechinicals have helped me in the placement of shots.:biggrin1:
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    OA3D, how many #'s do you pull??