What Arrows?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by thjacobi, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. thjacobi

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    I need to get some arrows just for practicing. I am just getting into archery and don't have a lot of money to spend. I was thinking of getting some cheap arrows from wal-mart to practice with for now until I can afford to go to the pro shop and get some good arrows.

    So I guess I need to know what to get as far as spine or grain wieght(not sure of the right term)?

    I shoot a browning Summit II
    64# 30" draw

  2. bfisher

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    If you look at the manufacturers' spine cahrts (usually on the box) you would want at least a 340 spine or even a 300 spine. Don't confuse this with the numbers on some of the arrows. Each manufacturer marks them differently.

    Easton and Beman marks theirs with the actual spine number---400, 340, 300 and so forth.

    Carbon express marks theirs as 200, 300, and 400. You would most likely need the 300.

    Some like Gold Tip mark them with numbers that correlate to the weight you are shooting such as 5575, 7595, etc. In Gold Tip's case you should shoot the 7595 (340 spine).

    Now I'm going to give you some advice. Forget Walmart. If you buy arrows there who is going to help you choose and who is going to cut them for length and install the inserts? DUH!!!! If you buy them at Walmart you will most likely have to take them to a local shop and PAY to have this work done anyway so the cost saving isn't there. If you go to a local shop they should be able to help you and do this work. Basically set you up correctly. All you have to do is tell him your concerns, that you are on a strict budget and he should work with you.

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    This is omo...but i'd start out with alum....If possible talk with a local proshop for the right one's though...one of my hunting bows is 70# and the other is 60# and i have a 30" DL and i use xx78 2512 ultra/lites.I use alum for personal reasons but i would tell anyone who is just starting out to start with alums because carbon's can be touchy to tune to get them(3,4 of them) to fly the same for a beginner.jmo
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    Good post! I"ve just got back into Archery after a few years layoff and at first this had me confused. Took awhile to figure it out for myself. (DUHHHHH, I guess I should have asked here then):frusty:
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    The arrows at wally world here are allready cut to different lengths and have inserts in them too. I am pretty sure i need about a 29" arrow and now i know what wirght I need. Thank you. I am just sick of useing my father-in-laws arrows all the time and want to get a couple arrows to shoot with.
    Thanks Again.