What brings you back to a 3D Shoot?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by tburgin, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Just looking for ideas/information. We've been seeing declining numbers of shooters over the last 10 years, as have almost all the clubs in the area. We advertise, have a website, and are on social media. What brings you back to a shoot or makes you decide to try one out? Currently we offer 50 rinehart targets on a beautiful course, and a ton of unique shots. Our fee is only $10. We serve food and drinks (beer is not allowed at the course). Currently there are no prizes other than the novelty shoot. I guess what I'm getting at is how can we pull more new and repeat shooters? Any favorites from other shoots?

    Thanks in advance
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    It's the same around here as well. We haven't found anything that has really made a difference. Regardless of what the politicians say, (ie we are in a recovery) I think the bad economy is hurting all of us and I don't know that there is any way to combat that.

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    Tough to say..., those are certainly some of the things that would make me a (return) customer. What's the social media feedback sound like?
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    For me the most important thing is tohave fair hunting shots that are challenging and unique. I don't mind quartering shots etc It is also important to post results.to see how you compare to the others in your class. Prizes or awards aren't important to me but the social aspect after the shoot brings me back.
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    I shot my first 3d last year after 40 years i use to shoot all over the country and just got burned out and retired. I joined a local little club and shot one tourement and had a ball but i felt it was all about the money no family feeling like it use to be. The club evan had a banquate and i tried for over a month for someone to tell me where and when and what id need to take but nobody ever answered my emails or phone calls . also the small prizes is allways a plus evan a small plaque makes everyone smile plus if u give out some little prize at the end of the shoot more people will hang around and become really good friends that leads to people talking to other paople getting them involved
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    Advertise in the right places. Make sure your registration people are friendly & helpful to new people. Reasonable shots & talk to the people after about how they enjoyed it or if any problems. I
    Maybe, lower gas prices this year will improve everyone's attendance.. I belong to both of our state Assns. & when I get our flyer & dates of ALL the club shoots be it 3-D or others take it upon myself to put it in several Archery Message boards for those not in organized archery to see & possibly attend.. Reaching the back yard shooters is the challenge.
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    I'm going to start shootings 3D again in 2017. The last time I shot was1990. The main reason is my 11 year old son is interested in archery hunting. 3 D shoots helped me with judging distance, so I'm hoping it will help him also.
    As a backyard shooter, if the host club could have a guide to help newbies thru the course I think it could help.
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    what brings me back is the people and the company/friends I have made on forums like this!!Love archery because it's awesome..
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    what Westy said. Hello westy.