What Did You Add This Year to Make Your Hunts Better

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by STRO, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. STRO

    STRO get'n rid of target panic

    So, what did you do differently this year or what you what did you add to your gear this year to make your bowhunts more enjoyable and more successful.

    For me it was:
    the under armour coldgear,
    cabelas pac boots,
    hand warmers,
    using my climber more
    and my hoyt bow.

    I am able to stay a lot warmer in the stand these days and four out the five deer I harvested were out of my climber.

  2. Dens228

    Dens228 Senior Member

    My first two years back at hunting I primarily used a ground blind, I'm not a big fan of heights..........

    This year I used a climber or a hang on for every hunt except one. On that one I used my blind.

    I saw way more deer, passed on way more deer and shot twice as many deer this year. I think spending a bunch of hours in a treestand six days in a row on my bear hunt got me over that height thing.
  3. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    I changed alot was hunting by myself without my son for the past 5 or so years.
    I sold my 2 climbers ( 2 heavy)
    And got 2 summit climbers but used only 1 because it was so light The Openshot-14lbs with climbin sturips (Awesome)
    I scouted more which led me to take an 8pt on the first day and within the first hour
    I got smarter with the wind and useing scents (every year i learn something new)
    I had desided that i would kill a real monster before i die with my bow and planed for and saved up every pennie for a hunt in an area where the monsters roam, and i almost pulled it off,didnt but im happy.
    theres always next year,but at 47 years old i probably wont be able to say that for another 47years,so every year i try to hunt smarter and not harder.
    Great topic!:wave:
  4. lungcutter

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    I added a Matrix Double Bull blind to my hunting setup. I also changed to the Rage broadhead.
  5. IChim2

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    What ever i did,it wasn't enough compared to past years:frusty: I'll be glad to see spring turkey season get here cause i don't know how long 1 deer in the freezer will last.:lol:
  6. Scablands

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    Practiced nearly every day and my shooting confidence was at an all time high. :high5: