What do you look for in a 'hunting knife'?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Shaman, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Shaman

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    Hi folks.
    I'm working with/for (on the side) some guys trying to start up a mid-tech knife business.
    They each make full on custom knives, but are wanting to create a 'standard line' to give buyers something they don't have to wait weeks/months to get.

    They have their first knife done in starting production (all hand finished).
    They have their plans for their second knife as well.

    Now.. on to the 3rd knife.
    They are thinking about a 'hunting' knife, but finding that 'hunting knife' means a lot of different things to different people.

    What do YOU think?
    What do you consider when you think of a 'hunting knife'?
    How much are you willing to pay for a mid/high end user?

    Links, pictures, or descriptions to illustrate what you are thinking of are welcome.
  2. clemenlp

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    Just can't seem to go into the woods without by Buck folder and my Schrade Improved Muskrat (77OT).

    Just about cried when I found out Schrade sold out, now I guess I will have to shell out a little extra to get a Case.

    Last year my dad found a nice little fixed blade knife with about a 2" blade and nice full handle with finger grooves at a show. I carried that this year also, talk about a nice edge. I wish I could find out where it was made, but there are no markings so I am thinking it it custom made. :noidea: :noidea: :noidea:

  3. jdawg240

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    Must be razor sharp and must hold a edge for more than one deer gutting. Sharp sharp sharp.. Number one thing for me.
  4. Shaman

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    have you tried Bladeforums?
    Those guys know almost everything about knives there is to know.
    post a picture and I bet they can tell you.
  5. Shaman

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    Here is more information on their current offering for April.
    Then they plan a fish and trout after that.

    Though now a lot of people are saying THIS looks like a hunting knife.

    These are the prototypes of series one. They made it as a general user, not stylized for hunters. All parts are US Made, they even turn their own removable pins.

    Click picture for larger view:

    Overall Length of about 8", Blade length 3.75" with 3.5" sharpened
    D2 Steel, 1/8" thick
    Micarta Grips
    Removable Pins for maintaining/swapping grips

    They take blanks, get them CNC'd and work from there. No overseas parts and just about every part is hand massaged