What do you think about these sights?

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  1. NJLungbuster

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    I am currently looking for a sight for my new 2008 Bowtech Guardian. I am very interested in the HHA Optimizer sights, going as far as placing a want-ad on here. However, I am now looking at the Viper Quickset sight as well, and that is putting me into kind of a bind. I now can't decide which I would like better. Please let me know what you all think of both these sights. Also, if you have one of these sights, let me know how they shoot, how they are to set up/sight in, etc. The final bow setup will be used for hunting and some 3D tournaments as well. Thanks for all your help.
  2. MickeyBee

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    I have the HHA DS5519 on a General and love it. Shoot at 20, then 60, pick the appropriate yardage tape and your all set. The DS model works great in all kinds of lighting conditions because you can vary the brightness of the pin.

    Good luck with your purchase decision.

  3. NJLungbuster

    NJLungbuster New Member

    Thanks for the help. Anyone else?
  4. NJLungbuster

    NJLungbuster New Member

    :bump: Keep it up. I need all the info I can get.
  5. dbdcougar

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    That's such an individual preference. I'd get my hands on both of them and see which I preferred.
  6. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    The thing thats gonna be your problem is hunting and 3d
    the 2 are gonna pull you in different directions.

    me if i were to shoot bowhunter class 3d id have a sword on it.
    hunting..hha is good but theres plenty that are 2.

    you will at some time make another disision to have probably 3 bows:laugh:

    a hunting..a hunter round 3d ...and an openclass or indoor,
    if your that hooked on target shooting.and hunting
    like alot of archers are.

    its your prefrence right now on the sight which ever helps you do both
    is gonna be your answer.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    HHA makes an EXCELLENT PRODUCT.....

    I have not seen or held the Viper sight you asked about so I cant comment on it....

    I can only say that the Viper Scope I have is top notch!
  8. Captain19

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    I have the HHA Elite 5019 w/ rheostat brightness adjustment and click adjustable windage. I have no complaints. It always worked as it should. I never ever had to worry about it having problems. I use this sight for hunting and previously for 3D. I f you bought one you would not be disappointed. As far as the viper sight, I have not used one. I do use a Viper 1.750" scope housing with .010" pin. It is very well built and serves me well on my target sight. Viper makes a good product. I think you need to look at them both very closely and compare the features etc. and see which one seems better to you.
  9. Rhustek

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    I Have a HHA Optimizer sight for sale that is barely used as I moved to a scope. It is a slider type with I believe a .019 single green pin. I believe its an OL 5000. $85 tyd obo, pm me if you are interested.
  10. Mathews Man

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    I use the HHA 5500OL and love it for 3D, I do think for hunting (Even tho I use my hha for hunting) I would get a 3 pin sight just to take the worry as you are pulling back of "did I set the slide to 35 yrds" BUt I will say I have no complaint on the hha it works the way it is supposed, to and is easy to set up:peace:
  11. red44

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    Had an HHA 5519
    have a Viper (H1000 I think.)
    HHA is the brighter of the two, no question. Single vertical pin is the bomb for targets.
    Here's the thing, for me anyway, for hunting you have to choose wheather or not you can deal with shooting one pin set for one yardage and hold high or low if longer or closer. Moving the slide adjust at the moment of truth did'nt work out for me.
    Went to the Viper for fixed multi-pin.
    Hard to pick one sight :D
  12. MeanV2

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    The HHA is a super sight!! The Viper is also a solid choice. I have the Optimizer Ultra on both my Airborne 82nd's :cool:

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