What have you seen........

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    that made you go hmmmm, at a 3D shoot? Rules broken? Bad shots? Funny experiences? Let's hear it.

    I was shooting last summer when I noticed someone in the group behind me walking to the targets. Before shooting. I thought they were pacing off the distance. What they were doing was sticking an arrow in the 11 ring. One with bright vanes and nock, giving them a reference point to shoot at. And I suspect they were pacing the distance as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they were pencil whipping the score cards, too.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    What makes me go hmmmm......

    when your the first person to a shoot and one of the last people to leave....

    You shoot a really good score, good enough for 1st easily.....

    they are picking up targets as you are comming down the trail......

    you get back to the sign in station.....hand in card....with your

    buddys ....come back the next shoot and someone who......

    WAS NOT EVEN THERE BEAT YOU....:noidea: :tape: :noidea:

    Thats what makes me go hmmmm....

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    Magic score cards that instantly change to a better score......
    Shooters who sit in their vehicle and never shoot the course, but have an awesome score for a tough course....( must be the magic score cards..)
    Those two stand out the most in " Hmmmmms".
  4. MoBowman

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    Guys that want to shoot the course early, by themselfs and then wait around all day with those "magic scorecards".:noidea:

    A well run course would require groups and 2 score cards, like most of the big shoots run theirs.:cool:

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