What is the better release.

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  1. I see releases that are called 3 finger. I think that you use your thumb to release. I also see the trigger releases that strap around the wrist. Whic his best for a new bow hunter?
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    Tough to say

    Both styles are good and are really a matter of personal preference. If you are brand new to releases, a wrist strap style may be your best bet as it simulates pulling a trigger on a gun thus will let you concentrate on aiming not triggering.

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    The release.

    The subject is a critical to to what you plan on shooting....
    I started with a strap on,went through a few dfferent ones of course,last one I shot was a carter 2shot.
    I would recommend if you are gonna get a strap on release....try finding one that is copletely adjustable for length and tention.
    I got rid of them strapon releases and went to a carter thumbtrigger/backtention,reason being that I went to a seminar by spotthogg.They do all kinds of experiments.This is what they found.
    Those that the release aids that have straps on them,99% of them create more torque on the string than most,through slow motion photography,more apt for left to rights.
    I wish I started wth a purebacktention release alongtime ago,it consistently makes the archer hold on the target and does not let him or her know when it is going to fire.Why would you choose such a thing to shoot?Listen to this carefully.
    Because when you have to hold on the target you are shooting at? consistently the target at hand whatever it may be is focused on and instincts to punch or panic on that target even "aiming" at it are illiminated.Sounds funny,don't it?
    It is making a great shot execution really that makes Aiming the last thing you are truly doing.

    With a thumbtrigger release this can be duplicated and it can be set accordingly to go off in the archers hand with pressure without the use of the thumb,but scapula motion.
    The real trick is not to know when it is gonna fire...really....,and by holding on the target your aiming at or shooting at?when the shot does go off,a backtention release increases the chances of the arrow going to it's proper place,duplicating the same shot over and over again,time after time.
    If I was to choose a great release....to start,get one that you feel gives you comfort,and confidence an does not let you punch or panic.
    Alot rides on the release you shoot when it comes to accuracy in archery.goodluck.