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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by PastrBob, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. PastrBob

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    :confused: Last Friday, with my stand set up just outside of an over-grown apple orchard, I used a young deer grunt in conjunction with a mature deer grunt, and got a response almost immediately. I heard a deer approaching, very quickly, but stopped just short of showing himself. I could hear him walking back and forth, but he would not show himself.

    About ten minutes later, I looked to my left, and a young, tall antlered deer was approaching from across a meadow. He lifted his head, and I thought maybe he'd busted me; but then I heard, from inside the orchard, a snort-wheeze, and the younger buck tucked his tail, and hurried into the upper part of the orchard. Within the next 25 minutes, this same thing happened twice more, with two other nice young bucks.

    Saturday was very windy, and there was little or no activity, so I thought I'd move my stand a little closer to where the three deer had crossed the meadow. Although I'd really like a crack at what I presume to be a mature, dominant deer (the one inside the orchard), I'm not really preoccupied or obsessed with him. My question is, in this senerio, how would some of you guys try to hunt this area, which holds at least four bucks? In other words, would you hunt aggressively, perhaps with calls or scent; or would you lay low, keep silent and scent free, and hope for the best?

    Thanks for any imput,
  2. Huntinfool

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    I would hunt it agressively. I would set up on the side you saw the other bucks come from and rattle. Rut seems early this year up here in Northern Illinois. Had a few small ones come in to rattling.
    He might want to chase off the other bucks and come running in for a fight.

  3. Chris

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    I agree with Huntinfool...be agressive. Grunt, rattle and snort wheeze if you have one. Blend in a Doe bleat also.

    Deer Scent like S&P or Hawgs Ltd have been producing some good buck kills.
  4. Archeryaddict

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    Right now around here rut is in full swing a doe bleet and some estrous scent leading from a buck scrape to where you are set up will get a buck.