Where do you start(3D's)

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by bigrhamr, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I've been shooting for about 3 years and I just moved to north Ga. My friend was telling me about 3d shoot. It sound like fun but where do you start????????????
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    Get in touch with your local archery club, they will be able to point you in thye right direction. :amen:
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    If you want an idea of how a shoot works. go to www.asaarchery.com
    look at the archives. They have thousands of pics. To start, basically most 3d shoots are set up in a general way. You will have a few different classes. Hunter class, open class, Pro class. Some may not have pro. figure out what class your interested in. Hunter class is basically what it means... hunting equipment. fixed sights, short stabilizer 12" and under for most sanctions, hunting arrows with fixed points. like IBO regs. yardages are usually between 25-40yds. Open is a hole different ball of wax. longer yardages. no equipment regs. long stabilizers, powered lens for scopes, adjustable sights. also check rules and regs for the shoots before hand. some shoots will have speed regs. Like ASA has a max of 280fps. Ibo is fast as you want as long as your in the 5grn rule for arrow weight.. good luck..
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    For a beginner getting into 3D…between classes, rules and organizations can get confusing.

    I would first find places that host’s 3D shoots. If you can get your friend to shoot with you, it is always better shooting with someone that knows the rules that can walk you through the process of scoring and shooter manners on the course. But I would just start shooting whatever equipment you have and worry about having fun in the beginning.

    Once you have done a few 3Ds, than you can determine where you want to be in this sport (Fun shooter or competitor).

    And :welcome: to 3Dshoots.com!
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    Hey, all. I got quite a few messages about this thread. I cleaned it up.

    It really wasn't that bad anyway. By the way, :welcome: to the forum.
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    thanks Chris
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    It is your lucky day, PM me I live in Buford Ga, Just south of Gainesville. I know most of the Archery clubs and 3d curcit.
    North georgia curcit is a fine place to start. Where in north Ga are you at? There are some good indoor spot shoots to.