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  1. Well I have a question about an area I just found to hunt. I just moved to Va. from Az. Here is what I have found I have a good size creek at my back and a small wooded area that is just littered with rubs rangeing in all size trees I have never seen an area with so many rubs new and old I know I will have to wait untill the deer start rubbing this year for the new sign but can some one tell me why an area would have so many rubs picture an area about as wide as two football fields and about as long 300yards on one end is the creek and the other has a small road with a good size open area in the front. With all this in mind could anyone give me an idea why an area would have literally so many rubs

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    it could be an area where alot of immature bucks hangout....if you haveing a tuff time figureing the deer out get in a climbing tree stand and get as high as you can and just watch for deer, you will figure them out.....

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    how big are the trees that are being rubbed? that can sometimes give you an idea of the size of the deer doing the rubbing. Theres a place like that where i hunt, where there are rubs on trees about as big around as your thumb all over the place....every time ive shed hunted there, ive found smaller sized sheds...but, the only way to be sure is to get up high somewhere and do some spying :biggrin1:
  4. Good day fellows well thanks for the info so far. The size of the trees that the rubs are on range from about thumb size to some rubs on trees the size of an average mans calfs. There all over the place that is why its so weird I could not find any sheds I looked all over. There is a nice little sappling thickit across the small road that I talked about. I am going to go in and put a stand and climb up and spend a day as you sugested. I am going to wait on the rain to come in so it helps cover my scent. Anymore ideas please let me know and thanks.
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    use a trail camera if available. It sounds like a transition area with alot of immature bucks like bowman said. I would become friends with the bordering properties and eventually ask for permission. Get a topographical map and aerial photo of the area. You will soon figure out where bedding and feeding areas. Is there crops or an orchard around? How deep is the creek? If it is somewhat, you can find a trail that "funnels" deer across the creek at its shallowist point. Great ambush for rutting bucks. Or what I like to do, during the spring, just follow a well used trail and everything will come together like a puzzle. * Get those maps, and a use trial camera if possible
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    HA,new to va.

    All the guy's are right,it sound's like you found a honey hole.
    It's probably a transition area,where there staging to come into a field edge.
    I see this alot on the edge of cornfield's,where they stand waiting for dark to come in the open to eat, clover field's,all edge's including my back yard to eat my wife's flower's,Ive got probably 20 rub's in the corner of my property,they get rubbed up every sept/oct.
    If you need help gettin rid of your deer problem im here!:laugh:
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  8. Hey guys thanks for all the knowledge. As to answer some of your questions in the effort to help me. The creek is about 50 to 100 yards wide and pretty deep as for fields around none its on my base this area is sections and it seems to have some food in the area. I guess I'll just save up a little and get me a couple of the trail cams. I'll let you guys know. I just found a killer area that is just full of deer trails that boarder these huge fields they all seem to end up to come into this over grown area that I happen to stumble on yesterday. I just need to figure out the best place for my stand. Well thanks for all your help guys I'll let al of you know.
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    I would put your stand on the edge of the thicket because if you get right in the middle of it you could bust all of the bucks out, be about 100 yards downwind and you should be in good shape! good luck:peace: