which bow to get switchbackxt or trykon

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by kirker23, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. kirker23

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    My shoulder is okay now and i want to get back into hunting.I can't decide which bow to get.I like the trykon and switchback xt the same.I'm going to get the bow for 50-60 pounds just to be on the safe side.I also shot the tribute but did not like it so i'm down to these two.
  2. Chris

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    Do you like one grip more than another?
    Do you like one draw force curve more than another?
    Do you have a preference of one cam versus two cam?

    Both are great bows and your descision is going to be tough between these two bows.

    The Hoyt is a little longer axle to axle and the XT has half inch more brace height so that's kind of a toss up.

    Speeds with be very close.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I think that what ever feels best in your hands is what you will go with in the end......

    And now for the shocker, for me, comparing these two models I would go w/the Trykon. I just dont care for the XT and can not see the $50 difference in cost from the original to the XT...Thats the way it feels in my hands....

    That being said, have you givin the Original Switchback a fair Shake down? or how about the Alligance?
  4. bullspotter

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    I went with the trykon myself. Not telling you what to get, but i liked it better, was just as quiet, smooth and a bit faster i love it!!! Their both great bows though..... Im sure either of the 2 your looking at will treat you right, get the one you like the best!! Happy hunting!!
  5. Radar

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    I went between Trykon, Trykon XL, Switchback, and the Switchback XT. Ended up going with the Trykon XL. I just like that one more than the others. The Trykon had a hard fall off at the end of the draw and the trykon XL was just better for me I think. The Between the Mathews Switchback and the XT I liked the origional switchback alot better than the XT. But that is just me. Could be a whole lot different for you. Hope you have a good time trying out some really awesome bows while you are making your decision.:peace:
  6. Jay Are

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    As you can tell where my loyalty is… They are both very excellent Bows and both worth the money you pay for them.
    Chris brought up good points for considering before you purchase a bow, but one I think he might have forgotten is to consider the Bows actual weight. All Hoyts have a tendency to be a little heavy to hold up. Before you purchase make sure you shoot more than a few shots out of them and go with the one that feels the best for you.

    Let us know which one you get.
  7. Daniel Boone

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    Great bow. I hunt and shoot competition with mine
  8. jcchevy1

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    i owen the hoyt trykon and it's just a great all around bow it has speed it's smooth and quiet i love it :rockon: