which is better, Back Tension or Thumb Release

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Rob Kokoszka, May 9, 2008.

  1. Rob Kokoszka

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    I can't decide which release to buy,Carter Evolution or the Chocolate Addiction . Does anybody have any suggestions? I now shoot a Bernie's Can't Punch.
  2. jcmorgan31

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    I don't think one is better than the other based on its operation alone. I believe it is whatever the shooter is the most comfortable with and the most confident with. There are professional archers shooting back tensions, thumb triggers and even wrist straps. :thumb:

  3. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Just posted this in another thread but, here goes again. I love my BT releases but would not consider hunting with one therefore I am shooting a Tru-Ball Chappy Boss for targets and a Tru-Ball Pro-Diamond for hunting practice. That way I am using the same style for both. But sometimes I still feel the need to grab the trigger release and just PUNCH THE CRAP OUT OF SOMETHING.:lol:

    Its all about personal preference I think. See if you can find a buddies to borrow and see which one is best for you.
  4. canam kim

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    I shoot Back Tension with my Little Goose. The great thing is that I was trained how to do it when I started shooting and sometimes I just can't get the darn thing to go off, lol. Anyway, my honest opinion is that BT is a method and you don't have to have a special release to shoot it. curs1, my husband, shoots BT and hunts with his thumb release. It's really cool to watch him shoot it because he never moves his hand, just squeezes his back muscles. :)

    For the record, I've tried the "so called BT releases" and find myself punching them terribly. Can you imagine punching a Carter Colby Spike? Yepper! ole canam can punch it like a pro.
  5. J.C.

    J.C. New Member

    I agree 100% with this. I use a Carter Chocolate Addiction thumb trigger and use bt to fire it. a little push pull and bam! off it goes.....:biggrin1:

    JBUTLER Senior Member

    You really need to have the concept of back tension down before you can properly shoot a thumb trigger. I'd suggest going with the Evolution to start then switching over later on once you have that down. You can punch a thumb just as easy an index finger release. Good luck.
  7. pred8er

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    You have been introduced to slippy right? :lol:
  8. JDX--

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    Hi Rob

    Here's a little info I posted on the Evo +
    it may be of help

    Good luck :biggrin1:

    Comment after finishing Redding CA. Marked 3D Nationals
    Range of targets 5 yards to 102 yards - with pro-am 4 days of shooting

    I just finished the Redding CA. event and I used this release thru the whole course from start to finish, there were some shots that twisted you up pretty bad especially shooting the extreme upward high targets. And when finished I can say that I’m glad I stuck to it. My release is set 8 lbs higher then the holding weight of the bow and “that’s a lot”, I think the norm would be 4 or so over but in no way do I want to slip back into my glitches, not one shot that went off this last week was a forced panic shot or shot in a fashion of pulling to get rid of the arrow. All shots went off the way they should and all shots were the result of crunching the back muscles. I prefer the four finger evo for the reason of the angle of the release when settled in at anchor will be more consistent from one shot to the next this will in turn keep the breaking point when the release fires more consistent.
    The only thing I may do is pickup another 4 finger evo set 2 lbs lighter to use on the extreme high shots because of not being able to preload the bow as much do to being twisted up this will in turn make it possible to have the same effects with the same amount of effort with less tension build up.

    Again Thanks Forest Carter for helping me get back on the game!


    Comment made earlier on this release -after Indoor Nationals in Louisville KY in March of 2008

    One thing I can for sure say is I am dedicated on keeping it set hard and making the shot using the back and not pulling or tensing up or pushing.
    The release was set hard at the beginning and I have not tweaked it since the day Forest handed it to me.
    I was somewhat surprised when I checked the breaking point and it was releasing at 20 lbs last night. I checked it a few times and that’s where it’s set at and that’s where it will stay, because so far I see no need to change. I have only been able to practice out to 50 yards indoor but as soon as the weather clears up a little we will see what happens beyond that but it really should be no different.
    It's really is cool and a different feeling crunching your back and bam your arrow is sitting right where you were looking.

    when set at 20 lbs this would be 8 lbs over my holding weight when aimming.

    I hope this info helps :peace:

  9. Brown Hornet

    Brown Hornet New Member

    Back Tension is not a release...it is a technique used to shoot a release.

    All releases be it a hinge, thumb trigger or index trigger should be fired with back tension.

    That being said....you have to figure out which is better for you. I can shoot either without a problem. But it takes a lot of practice for me to shoot a thumb trigger as good as I do a hinge.