Whitetail Archery World Series

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by rrhunts, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Win $10,000.00 1st Prize for the largest B&C scoring buck. 3 day Bow hunt competition in North Dakota. For more info contact us at rrhunts@yahoo.com or www.rrhunts.com
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    Hey sounds very interesting

    Hey guys 10,000 would buy alot of arrows for us SB owners oh yeah and the rest of you too.:biggrin1: But this sounds more like something for bowman, you know all the glitter and attention that he will get when he wins. I am just a quiet, shy, fella who pretty much stays to himself. But $10,000 is very tempting. :rockon: Anybody ever hunt ND before? Just wondering if they have any big bucks to hunt out there? :laugh: This is one World Series even an old,out of shape redneck like myself can participate in. What do you think guys? Oh I forgot about running this by the little lady!!!! :doh: