Who uses decoys?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by tnts79, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Any of you use decoys? What do you use, bucks, does, 3d target, renzos, etc... And what kind of results have you seen with them??
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    am this year...but ive seen them work very well. just nail a rag to its back end and load it up with doe in heat. that will do the trick

  3. I've used a Carry-Lite and harvested my biggest buck to date (140") with it. One important item to mention... I found out from a longtime decoy user to make sure you use some kind of "motion" on your decoy. At his suggestion, I installed a "Tail-Wagger" and it looks and works great. The buck that I harvested, was running with a doe and actuslly broke off and ran right up to the "buck" decoy. It was a 20 yard shot. I've used it since with mixed results. It's not for every situation or stand location. It is also a real "pain" to carry in. It is Very important to wear rubber gloves and even with that, make sure to spray it down with some type of scent killer after you have it set up. Gary Clancy has a great informative book out on decoying Whitetails. I can't remember the title right now and my friend is reading it. I've had does spook from the decoy but I've also had another 130"-140" buck come clear across a cornfield only to stop at 60 yards out and stare at the decoy before walking off the way he came. I've tried the Renzo/Montana style decoys, and haven't had any luck at all with them. That's just been my experience. Even though it has worked great for me a couple times, I only use it once in a while when the right situation presents itself. I will definitly keep using one. I see there is a new "Bobb-n-Head" decoy, that might work really well if it doesn't move TOO much. Good Luck! Jeff
  4. There is a lot more to SUCCESSFUL decoying than to just tack a rag on back and load it up with doe in heat. If you can get a copy of Clancy's book on Decoying Whitetails, he explains the do's and don'ts better than I can. Anyone who has been hunting for some time knows that nothing about hunting whitetail deer is "EASY" or a guarantee. Do your research, follow the proven tactics, and you'll have another tool to use. Once again, Good Hunting! Jeff
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    Hey I am gonna try a turkey
    A fellar told me it calms deer right down
    I see deer and turkey together often
    they are that ADT system fer em'
    also samll and very portable on those long hikes in.
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    I think I will have my 2 kids wear brown coats and put branches in their hats.

    I might even sprinkle some doe in heat on them for good measure.:D
    Do you think it will work?
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    see my avatar.... 160 class buck and a tom walking together
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    I have used several Deer Decoys (Flambeau, BuckWing, etc.) They work like a charm, but I limit their use to 2 weeks around the peak of Rut. It is a lot of work, but the rewards are great:cool: