Why do we shoot?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Home-a-lite, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I'm a new member of this forum, so please forgive me if I mess up anything. I still have some tweeking of my personal information (avatar, etc.) to do.

    I did not want to get off the subject on another thread so I've started a new one. I believe someone raised a question about why we shoot, on a different thread and I've been asked this question at a local tournament by a local newspaper this year. Here's my answer.

    I want to never wound anything (it will still happen eventually). I want to see my "Sunday Family" (local coalition shooters) every weekend. Pick my yardage, make a shot...darn it, must have been 46yards instead of 43. It's the challenge. It's the good natured ribbing from friends. It's listening to the woods "wake-up" in the morning after I've walked in in the pitch black. And during my walk in, I stop. Because I can feel eyes on me. Listen for a few seconds....no sounds. Next footstep taken a small herd of deer blasts through the woods cause I just walked up on them. Here comes the chill bumps.
    When that hawk is gliding through the trees like a silent stealth bomber, then suddenly veers off at 10 feet from my head (must have looked like a meal).
    When that naive button buck reers up onto the back of an old doe and she says get away from me with her actions.
    When I'm concentrating so hard on an animal or 3-d target a tear almost comes out--I feel excited and drained at the same time, but no matter the outcome I know I put everything I had into that last shot.

    I shoot because for that fraction of a second when the arrow is on its way, nothing else in this world matters......THUMP!.....back to reality----is it an 8 or 10......OR----lets find my arrow and some blood to trail.

    So, why do YOU shoot a bow?
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    MAN, that's amazing... My answer would have been EXACTLY the same as yours!!! Word for word.... With the exception of the line stated above.. Mine would have said:


    Just kidding man. :biggrin1:

    Nice thoughts. And :welcome:

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    :peace: Man, thats good stuff. Welcome to the forum. I believe you could put that on posters and sell 'em. :welcome:
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    Great post and welcome to the forum.
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    Great Job Homey, That fits me to a tee. I was wonder how our predecessors felt with those sticks and stones in thier hands in the misty early morn as they were enjoying the thrill of bowhunting and I'm sure thier own type of target shootin. Ain't nothing like enjoying the Great Creators bountiful Blessins of the sweet outdoors. Keep up the incredibal posts for I will be looking forward to them. Are you a Bow mag editor? God Bless & Striaght Shootin,HS:amen:
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    Why do I shoot??

    Well lets see maybe because its a BLAST:rockon: :peace: Other than that I'm not sure??????????:noidea:
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    Wow, after my performance today I would like to change my quote from above to:


    Actually, the reason I shoot 3D is for the comraderie as well as the solitude of it. I mean, it's just you out there and whatever happens is a direct result of the choices you make and the level of commitment you put into it. It's a great way for me to get away from everything for a while, enjoy being with like minded people and challenge myself to do the best I can do. I love the competition of it, and you can't blame anyone but yourself if you have a bad day.

    As for hunting.. I actually quit hunting for a while and focused mainly on competitive shooting (although I'm not that good at it). But, last year I got back into bow hunting again and alot of what was described in the first post about being there when the woods wake up, watching squirrels play mere feet from where you are and countless other things that people that don't hunt will probably never understand, is exactly the reason I got back into hunting. It allows me to literally get away from everything, and I'm just as happy to see nothing at all except for a chipmunk playing as I would be to see that 190 class buck walk out in front of me (yeah right, like that would EVER happen to me!! :biggrin1: ).
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    Hell of a first post. I would have to agree with ya. I to love walking in and getting to my stand sitting there just waiting for the woods to wake up. I have see some things that I know none of my friends will probably never see because they don't hunt, and I feel fortunate that I was there to see it. I love getting to a 3D shoot and seeing everyone warming up and how hopeful they are. Groups of people talking and laughing. Watching people come in and frown or smile at there score card. getting to meet good new people and hearing the stories. Knowing guys that are exceptional shooters that will take time to help ya if you need it and they are not arrogant and rude like most people that are good in other sports. Everything from hunting to 3D,300rnd, and field round. I dont think I could ever walk away from it

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Welcome, might just be the best first post ever, I think. It says just about every thing everone was thinking all at once.