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    Ok my northern brothers of the bow I need your help. I have been offered the oppertunity to spend a week in Bayfield county on a DIY hunt near Ashland Wis. As a natural born southerner I have no idea what to look forward to. I can use any info you guys can offer. Clothing, climate, deer density & size. The hunt is scheduled for November during the week of Veterans day holiday. Thanks in advance for the help.

    This will be in the Chequamegan National Forrest
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    Well the good news is that it will be the rut up here at that time. Bring yourself a GPS because that is big country up there......big woods. The temp could be anywhere from 20 degrees to mid 60's, all depends. The deer are going to be big in body size and potentially antler size but the density isn't going to be all that great up there as compared to farm country in Wisconsin. You will only be able to hunt through Thursday though as everything is closed Friday for the gun opener that Saturday. A friend of mine has taken some really nice bucks up there.....good luck!!

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    I would be prepared for snow this year early. You never know..............
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    A Heater Body Suit. Rivers West Rain ware. Muck Boots, large enough to add a pair of felts. Heavy and light gloves. Wool sweater. Heavy vest. Warm hat that can cover your ears.Thermal underware. Dress light for the walk in and pack in the extras. Add clothes as needed after cooling down. Sweating and then sitting will freeze me out early, every time. Practice shooting with the heavy clothes on, especially the gloves. It may save you some missed shots. Don't forget your warm weather gear, just in case. These suggested products are good quality and pricey. If you don't wan't to spend much, go to the second hand stores in Wisconsin. I love cold weather hunting. I hope you do too.
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    Northern Wisconsin

    I have hunted Bayfield Co. for 15 years.Wife and daughter hunt in Alabama every year ,the people are great and very helpful cant do enough for you. Plenty of public land to hunt should have woods to yourself during the week.Deer density is very thin scout till you find good scrapes around swampy areas with pine trees five to ten feet high .Use the lay of the land saddles on ridges points that extend down into swamps. Can call and grunt blindly from stand.Dont go nuts with it once in a while.Mock scrapes have worked well for us or juicing up real scrapes.Temperature from 70-10-below 0.I carry snow boots and put on at stand.Bring a peet boot dryer for at night to dry boots.Also a small bath mat to put under feet on stand snow and ice stuck to bottom of boots make tons of noise at wrong time.Have killed deer all day up there .Need to hunt till dark a lot of bucks seen at 10:00am for some reason.Tough hunt a lot of fire roads use a little marking tape to find your spots need to read a compass.If your lost go one direction you will hit a road ,Cell phones work sometimes.You can kill a giant in those woods 250lbs.The racks are not like farmland but still 150 plus.I have seen 8 bucks in one day and had years we go 5 days dont see deer.Some of my best spots I can see cars go by you dont have to go way in.Those bucks cover a lot of ground.Greg Miller wrote a book Ill try to find the name ( Agressive Whitetail Hunting )? you might find at library or buy it Its the best info on hunting that country I read it over every year . No one explains that type of hunting like Greg Millers book . With baiting and Wolves and herd reduction doe hunts you are in for some tough hunting but the giants are there . I hunted 10 days straight every year for 15 years in Bayfield co. Wolf
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    I have hunted a lot of michigan and mid to northern wisconsin. The deer are up in numbers compared to the last couple years. It is true there are some giants there, but you will have to sit long. If you cant sit all day, I suggest going in at about 8 a.m. and sit as long as you can throughout one or two of your days. A lot of bucks that were shot by my close friends were shot between 10 and 2. bring warm clothes and layer. It will be cold in the a.m. and can get pretty warm in the afternoon. If you do need clothes your best bet is a second hand store in the area. Adapt and overcome. Hope you bag the big one.