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    Thought I would share a rather interesting conversation between a proud father (me) and his daugher (shes 6).

    Well since the snow settled and I have been heading out to the outdoor range my lovely daughter has really shown an interest in coming with me on Saturdays. She keeps score, places targets, pulls arrows pretty much anything to help her daddy. Or even some of the other archers at a shoot last weekend her is her first ride in a 4-wheeler to help pull targets...


    So after that and after how helpful she was yesterday and all the questions regarding archery an inquisitive 6 year old could come up with this morning I think I put my foot in my mouth when I told her that if she keeps up her good behavior I would consider a youth setup for her. Now as princess as my lil redneck princess could possibly be she smiled and said she would like that and kissed her daddy on the cheek and went on with her morning playtime routine. All was quiet on the playfront which should have clued this proud father off that somethin jest aint right. My wife is just rousing from her slumber and we are sitting up in bed and in trots the light of our life proudly displaying what appears to be notepad with some notes on it. She announces, "Daddy, I was thinking about what kind of bow I want." She then proclaims "I want you to go on yer 'puter and look for a Pink Camo Bow" :frusty: I nicely say "Honey, that defeats the purpose of camo" She says "I dont care I want a pink camo bow. You can send messages to your friends on that bow and arrow thing you type messages on and have them help find one." Now meanwhile, my wife is rolling on the floor in shear laughter and says "Yeah daddy why dont you get that pink camo bow with pink arrows." I kindly look over to my wife with the "quiet woman" look and then look back over to my darling daughter and I ask her what if they dont have pink camo, she says to me "Well then I suppose I could DEAL with a pink bow." :faint2: She says she could DEAL with a pink bow.. at 6 years old she is learning to DEAL.. Okay! So she then continues to prod me to post a message on out lovely forum asking for anyone out there to advise on a pink camo or pink bow.. Here is that post https://www.3dshoots.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5064

    So, now shes all excited and I just had to share the moment with y'all. I am not creative so I cant create this bow I am gonna have to look at something already pre-made. As we all know that once my little girl gets something in her head it aint just gonna disappear.

    Word to the wise... careful what you say, expecially when it comes to women.

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    She can have pink camo if she wants it

    If your pretty little girl wants a pink camo bow then give the girly girl what she wants.. A real pink camo bow.
    You buy her a bow, any bow you want, even a used bow would be fine.. Then you send it in and have it tarjaced..
    You pick the color or the pattern, you can even supply your very own sample, they digitally replicate the pattern and voila.. You little redneck princess has a pretty pink camo bow even with matching arrows if you wanted to :)

    So what are you still sitting there for?? You better give her what she wants:peace:


    good luck

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    Awesome just totally awesome.:dance: :clap2:

    I love the pic she is a real cutie there cuz. Now get out there and find that little princess a pink camo bow.:peace:
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    Bowman may be willing to part with his Pink bow... :laugh:
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    This story sounds familiar. After we bought our son his first bow(he got a bow before mom and dad), "thinking" I was a smart mouth, told the store owner I'd buy a bow if I could have a yellow one. The store owner told me to get my check book out. I got my yellow bow, the riser was powdercoated bright yellow.
    What a sweet daughter you have...like my son(15) because he's a great kid, excellent student and responsible...I buy him anything he needs or wants when it comes to Archery, except for every Rinehart target that is made...I'm drawing the line there.:nono:
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    Byte- you better get some pics in here when you make that purchase.
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    Okay, yeah I see "give the woman what she wants." S'pose I need to forgo the thought that pink camo totally defeats the purpose of camo. Although, it might help disguise her when shootin from within a heard of pink flamingos!!

    Great... now shes really never gonna give up now that she knows y'all are on her side. LOL
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    ha,there my daughter is 25 married & getting ready to have my first grandchild
    when she was 6 she wanted a pink mini-bike i found one a little honda 50 it was the world to her she still talk's about it today & she love's her daddy as your's does you all i can tell you from experance is give them what they want if you can afford it.there only that small once & they grow up way to fast.
    spend as much time as you can with them they will love you for it.:amen:
  9. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    well did you find one

    I was wondering if ya found the pink bow.:peace:
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    I was wondering that myself.
    He could get an all camo bow and have the riser powdercoated pink...

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    For those that wanna know...

    We (meaning my daughter and I) have found several pink bows. She really wants the pink camo so what I am doing is working with a buddy of mine that is good with graphic arts and we are actually working on a pink camo pattern. I will submit that to Tarjac as redeneckgrl recommended.

    It may take me some time to get the pattern together but rest assured that when I do I will be willing to share with y'all